Laksa King

6 – 12 Pin Oak Crescent
Flemington, 3031

‘Rub my tummy! It’ll bring you good laksa!’ chortled Chris as we walked out of Laksa King. And what could possibly bring CBD-dwellers like us out to Flemington on a cold Friday morning? The promise of fantastic laksa by my good Malaysian friends, Jan and Nick. And whilst I judge most Malaysian restaurants by their Fried Kway Teow, I simply couldn’t go past a dish that was ‘almost the same as it was back home’.
What started out as a dingy little spot down a side alley (or so I’ve heard), Laksa King has since then moved to a newer, bigger (though no less busy) location just around the corner. And despite the canteen-like feel to it, it really is a pleasant, airy space to eat in. The tables are wooden and spacious, the lights hanging from the ceiling are almost artsy, and there’s even a bamboo partition at the back of the restaurant. We were impressed.
Combination Laksa ($9.2)
 We ordered a bowl of Combination Curry Laksa (mixed noodle with shrimp, fishcake, and chicken, $9.2) to share. My hopes were raised high as the bowl was placed in front of us, and a sip of the soup confirmed my suspicious – this laksa is, I daresay, the best laksa I’ve ever had! There was just the right amount of spice to keep both chilli-eaters (me) and non-chilli-eaters (Chris) happy, and the coconut milk buoyed the flavours along, as opposed to dragging them under. Toppings were generous, and the noodles weren’t ‘bulked up’ by a stack of bean sprouts at the bottom. Who cares if the old Laksa King was supposedly better, this was more than good enough for us to slurp up every last drop!
Roti ($4.5)
And a serve of (extremely over-exposed) Plain Roti ($4.5) was perfect for dipping into the laksa soup, even if it isn’t ‘proper’ roti.
Will we return? Oh yes, most certainly, even if it’s just for the Laksa, for I doubt either of us would ever want anything else.
Rating: 15/20 – Come and get your laksa tummy!

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    SO GOOD. I LOVE THIS PLACE. (i’ve only been there once.) I WANTS TO GO AGAIN!

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