Lucky Coq

179 Chapel St 
Windsor, VIC 
You know why the Lucky Coq is lucky? Because it is untouchable by inflation (knock on wood). For as long as I can remember, Lucky Coq, along with its sister, Bimbo Deluxe, has supplied the masses with pizzas at the unbeatable price of $4, almost all day, almost every day. Check their website for details, but I vouch that the $4 special is on about 80% of the time. 
Lucky Coq is an amply spaced bar, the squishy couches bathed in a red glow. It’s a lot more sophisticated than Bimbo Deluxe, though still far from slick; if it’s unusual, you’re likely to see it hanging on a wall here. The menu is a dream, consisting of a range of gourmet pizzas, hot dogs, and salads for under $10. Better still, they’re all included in the $4 special. 
Salasiccia Festa ($9.9)
Unfortunately it hadn’t hit happy hour yet, but we were hungry enough to pay full price for our Salsiccia Festa ($9.9) pizza. It came out hot and flavoursome, a handful of quality ingredients on a crisp base. The chunks of lamb sausage, sweetened with leek, were beautiful against a backdrop of vegetables and rosemary.
The Bravo ($6.95)
Chris wouldn’t let me get the German sausage, which came with sauerkraut (or as I found out, liberty cabbage as it was called by the Americans during the war). Instead we had the The Bravo ($6.95), which consisted of a slightly dry but flavourful wagyu sausage squished into a bun, slathered in tomato sauce and mustard. I happily monopolised the pickles. 
Chocolate Pizza ($6)
Chocolate Pizza ($6)
We finished our meal with a Chocolate Pizza ($6). It had chocolate, it had mascarpone, and it sat on a crisp bread base. What could go wrong? The answer: absolutely nothing.
Rating: 13.5/20 – bountiful.
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit. 

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