Mr Nice Guy

535 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
I’m just going to come out and say it: I love blogging and writing about food, but I’m rubbish at writing intros. There are only so many times I can say ‘I like food x’ and not sound like a broken record. And now that Thai food has picked up in Melbourne I’ve lost my go-to rant of ‘why is there no good Thai food’ as well. Bummer (??).
I spotted Mr Nice Guy on my way out of a dinner at Mapo Grill. It was the colourful tables and cute chalkboard drawings that caught my eye. To my surprise, the menu on the window toted pad grapow gai and the like, instead of… I don’t know what I expected, but tom yum definitely wasn’t it. 
Less surprising was the brunch on offer during daylight hours at this kitschy, laid-back little cafe. Thai and brunch seems a weird combination, but according to most of the reviews I’ve read, they’ve been swinging it just fine. The staff were as sweet as the bushels of flowers on the tables. 
Nam Tok Moo ($12.9)
Thai salads have life worked out. The mixture of sweet and sour, meat and herbs defies boring. The smell of lime and mint wafted up tantalisingly from the Nam Tok Moo ($12.9) the moment it came to our table, the aromas of the herbs released by warm pieces of pork neck that reminded me a lot of good BBQ pork. I like my tamarind and lime dressing to be a little sharper and less sweet, but other than that, the flavour profile is absolutely perfect. 
Pad Kee Mao Beef ($15.9)
Pad Kee Mao Beef ($15.9)
As our ‘filler’ dish, we shared a pleasingly generous plate of Pad Kee Mao Beef ($15.9). Glistening from the wok and with just enough chilli to tingle, the chewy noodles contrasted delightfully with the handful of crisp sprouts scattered on top. It was so richly flavoured with Thai basil and green peppercorns that it barely needed the nubbins of beef.
Mr Nice Guy Famous Oven Grilled Chicken ($19, half)
Believe it or not, despite eating half my meals out, I still try and maintain some semblance of health. And that’s how I ended up having the Mr Nice Guy Famous Oven Grilled Chicken ($19, half) over the pork belly.
Mr Nice Guy Famous Oven Grilled Chicken ($19, half)
Though simple, I’ve hardly had a better piece of roast chicken. The brining meant that the meat was moist and succulent, and the quick trip into the oven left the chicken melt-in-mouth tender. It sat on a bed of spicy cauliflower cooked until just crisp, and the jug of chicken jus added extra flavour.
It may have been because of all the salivating I had done during the day over the promise of Thai food, but I thought this meal was seriously good. Though not the most authentic, the flavours were bold and delicious, and the chefs have clearly put their own little twist in. Consider me a fan.
Rating: 15/20 – mr brightside.
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit. 

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