Mugen Ramen and Bar

11 Bligh Pl
Melbourne, VIC 3000
If I had to use one word to describe Melbourne, that word would be ‘cool’. Inside every crevice, tucked away in her hidden pockets, are new surprises waiting to be discovered.  And if Robot Bar, hidden away in a laneway off a laneway, isn’t cool enough for you, there’s always the option to step across the lane to Mugen Ramen and Bar, its sister restaurant.
A steep metal staircase wound down to a dark, tiny basement, its rough-hewn concrete walls simultaneously chic yet peaceful – very modern Japanese. The menu consists of a mixture of ramen, a small batch of lunch specials, and a longer list of Japanese fusion tapas, aka japas. 
Curry Tsukemen ($13, small)
Though tonkotsu is the flavour of the month and everybody’s favourite ramen, there’s something to be said about the novelty of Curry Tsukemen($13, small). Instead of being in a soup, the noodles were served cold on the side with a slice of seaweed and a slice of charshu pork. I couldn’t resist adding a Soft Boiled Egg($2).
Curry Tsukemen ($13, small)
I have to say, the texture of these ramen noodles were the best I’ve had to date. The thick curry sauce clung to the chewy strands, and each mouthful was simply made for slurping. 
Wafu Ramen ($13, small)
The Wafu Ramen ($13, small), however traditional, was nothing to be scoffed at. Though touted as a simple soy and dashi broth, the flavour profile was surprisingly complex. 
Wafu Ramen ($13, small)
Having been braised for a full 48 hours, the delicate umami of the bonito has long since enriched into something deep and fragrant. The slice of charshu was half-melted from slow cooking, its succulent texture soaking up the aroma of the broth.
Having been so fixated on the perfect tonkotsu, I failed to notice the other types of ramen around Melbourne quietly raising their exquisite heads. I was enormously impressed with the texture of the noodles at Mugen, and almost just as impressed with how elegantly executed the classic Japanese flavours were. It’s definitely one worth keeping an eye on.
Rating: 14.5/20 – such chewy.
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit. 

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