Naked For Satan

285 Brunswick St
Fitzroy, 3065

Let me tell you about last Friday, when Chris and I got Naked.
Naked for Satan that is, the hottest new(ish) bar in Fitzroy. Along with a decent range of drinks, they also do little bite sized snacks called pinxtos (80c/ea during weekday lunch and Monday-Wednesday dinner, $2/ea all other times), which are basically various toppings speared on a slice of baguette with a toothpick.
There’s a good variety of cold pinxtos laid out along the bar for you to take as you please, and every few minutes a waiter will come around with a plate of hot pinxtos. They operate by the honour system here – take your pinxtos, and keep the little toothpick they come with to take up to the counter at the end, and pay for however many you’ve eaten. And whilst you’re free to gorge yourself on as many pinxtos as you want, they recommend that you buy at least one drink so they make enough money to keep themselves in business. And because 12pm is too early to be drinking vodka, we got some Bundaberg Ginger Beer ($4.8) instead, and then proceeded to fill our tummies with pinxtos. Here is a list of all the ones we tried:
Tortilla and Aioli
Smoked Salmon
Chorizo on Cream Cheese
Pea Puree with Scallop
Jamon Serrano
Garlic Field Mushrooms with Carrot Puree
Pork Terrine
Garlic Prawn and Cauliflower
Rice Ball on Cream Cheese
Sweet Corn Croquette
Veal Schnitzel
Lamb Meatball
Tuna Croquette
Beef and Parmesan Meatball
Veggie Stack with Goats Cheese
Green Olive and Chilli Croquette
More Pinxtos
I know I know, we’re pigs, but it can’t be helped when there are so many delectable looking morsels on offer. I’ll say right off the bat that the hot pinxtos are definitely much better than the cold pinxtos, with standouts being the Sweet Corn Croquette for me, and the Veal Schnitzel for the boy, but there are quite a few on that list that I’d be happy to go back for. The cold ones were nice and fresh, but less inspiring, though I did really enjoy the Garlic Field Mushrooms with Carrot Puree, with big meaty slices of juicy mushroom draped across the top.
Vintage Pornography Wallpaper
And even though Chris and I weren’t the ones getting naked, there sure were lots of naked pictures in the bar – on the back of drinks list, covering a whole wall, and even on the plates. Made us wonder why some mums came with their 4 year olds but hey, who are we to tell them how to raise their kids!
Rating: 14/20 – pinxtos! Pinch-osss!
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