25 Wills St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
I miss having brunch, but a hectic life of uni during the week and work on weekends, plus a strong dislike of waking up early, isn’t all that conducive to long-drawn out meals of pancakes and fritters. But that’s not to say I can’t fit something in here and there, especially not when the café in question is Operator 25, the new kid on the block with a seductive menu. 
Operator 25 has been open for a good half year, but it’s only with the recent launch of the Spring menu has the restaurant really begun to spread its wings. Tucked in a smaller street near the historical Queen Victoria Market, Operator 25 is minimalistic but warm, the bare brick lightened up by bunches of flowers, and morning sunlight streaming in the front windows. 
Peppermint Lemon Iced Tea ($4)
The weatherman predicted a top of 30 degrees today, and I had eagerly busted out my short-shorts. On top of that, my gym session had left me sweaty and warm, so a bottle of Peppermint Lemon Iced Tea ($4) was the perfect remedy. 
Iced Chocolate ($5)
Chris used my iced tea as an excuse to get his very own Iced Chocolate($5), which was served thick in a tall glass, although faintly powdery. A scoop of ice cream on top however, is always welcome.
Baked Eggs with Great Northern Beans, Chorizito, Goats Curd and House-made corn Bread ($18)
Along with fritters, baked eggs are one of my favourite brunch dishes of all time, so it was with a great amount of greed that I ordered the Baked Eggs with Great Northern Beans, Chorizito, Goats Curd and House-made corn Bread($18). This one here errs on the side of being too sweet, but the chunks of sausage were large and rustic, and the yolks a perfect wobbly gold. The slab of toasted cornbread however, was perfect – buttery, light, and crumbling just so
House Benedict ($15)
House Benedict ($15)
Eggs benedict had always been a bit too boring of a dish for me to consider, given how interesting Melbourne’s brunch scene is, but the swap of toast for potato rosti in the House Benedict ($15) had me doing a 180.  Unsurprisingly, I enjoyed this filling meal of eggs, ham, and crunchy potato patties. The hollandaise sauce was especially good, creamy with a light tangy kick.
Operator 25 has some very interesting options on offer, both for breakfast and lunch, and the service is warm and attentive. With a little more time to refine the menu items, and to grow into its own skin, it could very well shape up to be one of the hottest new brunch places around.
Rating: 13.5/20 – diamond in the rough
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit.
Sweet and Sour Fork dined as a guest of Operator 25.

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