Petaling Street (Glen Waverley)

111 Kingsway, Glen Waverley
Glen Waverley, 3150

I love this place. I’ve come here with my family on countless Saturdays where mum can’t be bothered to cook, and I don’t think I remember us ever ordering anything that we didn’t like. And mind you, we’ve ordered about half the things off their huge menu.
Malaysian Special Soya Sauce with Steamed Fish ($13.80)
Mum wanted fish today, so we got one of their more recent additions to the menu – Malaysian Special Soya Sauce with Steamed Fish ($13.8). A thick, sweet, and gingery sauce was doused liberally over an entire steamed barramundi, tasting both light and flavoursome, and is great value for money at less than 15 dollars. You can also get the fish with 5 other sauces, 4 of which we’ve yet to try.
Salted Fish Fried Rice ($8.90)

The salted fish fried rice ($8.90) delivers much more than its unassuming name suggests. Besides salted fish (which unlike many other places, they’re very generous with here), the rice is studded with chunks upon chunks of tender chicken, pieces of egg, two whole prawns, and a small handful of shredded lettuce on top, all wrapped up with a lovely lick of wok breath, giving it a deliciously smoky flavour. Whilst not exactly a dish that can be done wrong easily, they’re certainly doing it right here.

Hakka-Styled Cooked Belly Pork with Dry Egg Noodles ($9.00)
Hakka-style Cooked Belly Pork with Dry Egg Noodles ($9.00) isn’t something we’d usually order but once it came to the table, we sure were glad that we did. Chunks of pork belly have been deep fried, before being slow-cooked until they were unctuously soft, and bursting with flavour. The noodles they sat on had the perfect amount of bite, slightly sweet, and thankfully, not nearly as greasy as the pork. A mandatory handful of greenery and a couple of pieces of wood-ear fungus on the side lets us pretend that we are not clogging up our arteries with aforementioned deliciousness.
Hor Fun Beef with Black Bean Sauce ($8.90)

Instead of going with the Fried Koay Teow ($8.90), which Petaling Street does the best rendition I have ever had by far, we went instead with the Hor Fun Beef with Black Bean Sauce ($8.90), just to try something different. The beef was tender, the veggies crunchy, but in the end, it was nothing to shout about. The best part of the dish was probably the rice noodles huddled beneath the beef, slippery and silky smooth with a strong breath of wok to it. Still, next time I’d stick with the Fried Koay Teow.

Ice Kacang ($4.50)

They may only have one other dessert on their menu (Banana Fritter with Ice Cream), but who cares when the Ice Kacang ($4.50) is so awesome? An iceberg drizzled liberally with rose and green (?) syrup arrives at our table, and digging into it reveals a treasure trove of corn kernels, grass jelly, peanuts, and red beans. There is a perfect amount of condensed milk that gives the dessert just enough sweetness without being cloying. Mmmm-mm.

Despite being fairly new (just a bit over a year old), Petaling Street has already made it into the 2011 Cheap Eats Guide, has lines extending out of the door every single night, and its fourth branch will be opening in the CBD soon. Their success is well deserved though – clean and nicely decorated interior, delicious food in huge portions, cheap prices and fast service – what’s there not to like? 
Rating: 15/20 – epitome of cheap eats

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