Pho Dzung City Noodle Shop

234 Russell St
Melbourne, 3000

Well, this is awkward. Somehow, I managed to have forgotten all about this visit, and the photos have been sitting in my blog archive from all the way back in April. Which is weird, considering that I quite enjoyed this meal, and I was proud of the fact that I had pho from a place in the CBD other than Mekong. So without further ado, I present… Pho Dzung City Noodle Shop!
One cold April Friday,
I was craving some pho.
So after uni finished,
Off to the city we go (and yes I know that it’s pronounced ‘fur’, but c’mon, how many words rhyme with fur compared to fo?)
Chris and I shivered,
As we entered the small shop.
But the warm bright interior,
Soon made the shivering stop.
We were quickly acknowledged,
And given a place to sit.
The menu was short and simple,
But we didn’t mind a bit.
Beef Brisket Pho ($8.5, Small)
A little while longer,
I was handed my meal
$8.50 for beef brisket pho?
Oh what a wonderful deal!
To my utter delight,
The soup lacked MSG.
That was evident by the fact,
That I wasn’t oh-so-thirsty.
But wait! I hear you say,
What if my bowl is too small?
An extra dollar will get you medium,
And for another dollar, tall.
Pho Condiments
Pho being what it is,
It has to have some green.
A pile of sprouts and Thai basil,
Scrubbed so very clean.
Grilled Pork Chop, Fried Egg, Shredded Pork with Broken Rice ($9)
Grilled Pork Chop, Fried Egg,
Shredded Pork with Broken Rice,
For a measly 9 dollars,
Chris declared this ‘very nice’.
Juicy pork and a sunny egg,
Some cucumber and pickles too.
This meal is simple but nourishing,
The flavours fresh and true.
Soup and Fish Sauce
Pork, egg, vegetables and rice,
Wasn’t all the last dish had.
Some fish sauce (that we didn’t use),
And a soup that’s not half bad!
We will visit again?
Oh I wager we will.
For some delicious pho,
And a fairly small bill!
Rating: 14/20 – MSG-less pho!
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