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What’s your favourite brunch place in Sydney? For most of 2018, I’ve had precious little time to scope out the café scene in Sydney, with med school taking centre stage for literally 11 months of the year. But now that I’ve finally had some time to poke around, I realise that there are so many places I don’t even know where to start. How can I make sure that I’m not getting a dud? Or a place that’s prefers style (read: Instagram bait) over substance? Or a place that was popular 8 years ago, and is now just riding on its past successes without actually growing or improving?

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One place I have consistently heard good things about however is Revolver, from both locals and Melbournians alike. And seeing as I was heading out that way to get some hella shopping done anyway, it seemed like a perfect time to visit.

(5) Counter

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Hidden in a suburban nook, Revolver is very much a surprise for anyone who isn’t expecting the antiquated charm of the refurbished 1890s corner store. But if Revolver is a hidden gem, it’s a poorly concealed one; it absolutely bustles on a Saturday morning, with every seat occupied both inside and out. Thankfully it was only a 10 or so minute wait for a table for two, and the man who appeared to be running the front of house was an absolute star. Despite how busy it was, he still found time to stop by for a chat, and to thank us for coming out all the way from the southern suburbs.

Skinny Flat White ($3.5, small)

Skinny Flat White ($3.5, small)

I was desperate for a coffee that morning, but unfortunately the Skinny Flat White ($3.5, small) didn’t hit the spot. Made in more of an Italian style, the brew was dark to the point of verging on burnt, and had no subtlety behind the bitterness. I wasn’t a fan.

Buttered Arabian Eggs ($17.5)

Buttered Arabian Eggs ($17.5)

But never mind about the coffee; this beautiful plate of Buttered Arabian Eggs ($17.5) was what I was really here for.

Buttered Arabian Eggs ($17.5)

Buttered Arabian Eggs ($17.5)

Buttered Arabian Eggs ($17.5)

Buttered Arabian Eggs ($17.5)

As I had hoped, this was nothing like any brunch dish I’ve ever tried. The toasted Turkish bread and poached eggs were topped with a truly impressive rainbow of herbs, and liberally doused in golden rivulets of spice-infused butter. Yet despite how indulgent this all sounds, it’s actually a surprisingly balanced dish. The cooling daubs of yoghurt were a tangy foil for the richness of the butter and egg yolks, and the combination of sweet pomegranate and fresh mint kept the palate light and vivid. Order this, you won’t regret it.

Corn Rosti ($20)

Corn Rosti ($20)

Unfortunately the other items on the menu weren’t as exciting as the Buttered Arabian Eggs, but eventually we settled on the Corn Rosti ($20), the house-smoked salmon replaced with bacon at Chris’ behest. Despite its huge size, the corn rosti was done surprisingly well. It was evenly cooked throughout, with kernels of sweet corn bursting from the soft batter. The toppings were simple but effective, and I loved how they stuck a whole half of an avocado on top. This may not be ground-breaking stuff, but it was a classic dish done well.

(4) Interior

Out of all the brunches I’ve had in Sydney so far, Revolver is definitely the best. Mind you, I haven’t actually had a whole lot of brunch yet, and I’m keen to see what else Sydney has to offer me. I do hope that I’ll find some more innovative places, as Revolver’s menu does seem to lean towards the traditional, Buttered Arabian Eggs aside. With that said however, it is definitely a solid option with well-cooked food and excellent service. It’s not quite a place to cross town for, but it makes for an enviable local, especially given how many adorable dogs seem to visit with their humans.

(12) Dog

(13) Dog

(14) Dog

Rating: 14/20 – gunning for the arabian eggs.
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit.

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