Roule Galette

241 Flinders Ln Scott Aly
Melbourne, 3000
Sugar And Butter Crepe ($5)
‘Dessert?’ ‘Sure, why not?’
And with these words, off we headed to Roule Galette, an adorable little French creperie off one of the many lanes in the Melbourne CBD. Never mind that we just ate our fill at Don Don, because there is always room for dessert!
We ordered a simple Sugar and Butter Crepe ($4) to share between the two of us. As you can see, the crepe was thin and delicate, the edges crispy and almost lacy, and becoming every so slight chewy as you work your way into the middle. The thin smear of butter in the crepe, as well as the sugar sprinkled on top made this a delicious, yet light dessert, and far too soon, it was all gone.
But what I like the most about Roule Galette is not their crepes, or their galettes for that matter (though don’t get me wrong, both are absolutely delicious!), but the charm of the tiny place, as well as the waiters themselves. The space consists of no more than 12 seats, and a few more outside in the laneway, and it is all unashamedly French – pictures of France on the walls, French books lying around, French music blaring from a set of speakers, and best of all, the waiters all speaking in French to each other. The night we ate there, we were entertained by a charming young French waiter, who between taking orders and serving food, danced around to the music whilst rapping in French. Chris noted, slightly disgruntled, that he only paid attention to the pretty girls. But I say if you’re going to be opening a French restaurant, then you may as well be as French as you can, right? ;)
Rating: 14/20 – Unashamedly French

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