Southgate Movable Feasts 2015 (2/3)

Edit: So why is this post split into 3 posts when it’s clearly just one meal? Because Zomato are being a bit mean with their policies and won’t let me link to more than one restaurant in the post, even though it’s clearly 3 legitimate posts. Anyway; on with the show!

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Southgate Precinct, 20/3 Southgate Ave
Southbank VIC, 3006

(11) The Waterside

(14) Seafood

(13) Oyster

Our next meal led us to the glittering Waterfront Seafood Restaurant, its luscious display of crustaceans tempting me every time I walk past. Decked out elegantly in the classic European style, just walking into the restaurant felt deliciously glamorous. We were seated in the al fresco section, warmed by the blazing heaters and free to enjoy the lights and ambience of Southbank at night.

Braised Beef Cheek

Braised Beef Cheek

Already feeling more than a bit tipsy after my half glass of wine, I decided to skip the drinks and go straight to the food.  The selections here were much less inspired compared to Pure South, but Chris’ eyes alighted on the Braised Beef Cheek.

Braised Beef Cheek

Braised Beef Cheek

This may have looked ordinary, but it was comfort food at its best. After 14 hours of slow-braising, the resulting beef cheek was almost toffee-like in its stickiness, the unctuous meat pairing wonderfully with the fruity jus and buttery mash. Or as they call it here, pomme puree.

Roasted Fillet of Kingfish

Roasted Fillet of Kingfish

I was rather taken with the idea of the Roasted Fillet of Kingfish, but ended up being somewhat let down. Though the fish was moist with a flawlessly crisp skin, I found that the fish itself lacked a pearly sweetness I’ve come to expect. Furthermore, the mussels were small, dry, and fishy – definitely past their prime. The dish was good enough for me to finish off, but it was a disappointment coming from an upmarket restaurant that specialises in seafood.

I’m not sold on Waterfront. Despite looking so prestigious, I found the food to be uninspired, and the seafood of a much lower quality than what it should’ve been. It also took a good 40 minutes for our food to come out. Maybe everything would’ve been different had I ordered from the main menu, but considering the prices on mains are upwards of $40, I may as well just head to Rockpool Bar and Grill, which I know and love.

Rating: 11.5/20 – hurry up!
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit.
Sweet and Sour Fork dined as a guest of Waterfront Seafood Restaurant, courtesy of Southgate Movable Feasts.

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