The COVID-19 Post

Ever since I started blogging in 2011, I have literally not stopped – rain, hail, or exams. Apparently what it takes to get me to stop obnoxiously taking photos of my food is a modern day plague. Mind you, this is only a hiatus; the last thing I want to end up being is a one trick pony that knows nothing but doctoring. Plus, eating food as a hobby is hella fun, and it definitely makes a better ice breaker than telling stories to complete strangers about things I saw on my colorectal surgery term.

But real talk for a second – coronavirus is no joke. Stay at home, practice social distancing if you must go out, and for the love of not running out of ICU beds, please, please, please wash your hands often, and wash them well. And no kissing. Me being able to go back to eating as a hobby depends on you not kissing.

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