Two Birds One Stone

12 Claremont Street 
South Yarra, VIC 3141
Happy Birthday Sandu! It may be exam time, and it may be the most important exams we have in our entire degree (as we will hopefully graduate after these), but we will always have time for a get-together to celebrate the birthday of one of our nearest and dearest. Especially if it’s at the hottest new-ish café around town, Two Birds One Stone, opened by the ex-proprietors of the popular Three Bags Full.  
Two birds One Stone is much lovelier than its industrial exterior would suggest. Warm and charming, it is an absolute joy on a blustery, rain-spattered morning. And I firmly believe that birthday luck is a thing, like the time that I got a table at Chin Chin on my birthday within two minutes. To further prove my theory, I managed to score one of the cosy booths for the five of us, minutes before it started getting busier and busier. 
Long Black ($4)
Skinny Mocha ($4)
Coffee makes me jittery, but Sarah and Jan indulged in a Long Black ($4) and a Skinny Mocha ($4) respectively. I found the mocha to have a pleasing balance between chocolate and coffee, though tasting a bit burnt. The long black on the other hand had a beautiful acidic juiciness, served with soda water on the side.
The Reuben ($14.5)
Having perused the menu thoroughly before visiting (of course), I was shattered to find that I could no longer get the charred polenta with four types of mushroom. Instead I settled on one of my all-time favourite sandwiches, The Reuben ($14.5), and was subsequently thoroughly placated. The bread was crusty and buttered, sandwiching thick cut corned beef, gooey melted cheese, and the sweet tang of sauerkraut and seeded mustard. 
Eggs Benedict ($16.5)
Eggs Benedict ($16.5)
The birthday girl went for the classic Eggs Benedict ($16.5), which was classed up with chunky ham hock shaved off the bone. The eggs were beautifully runny, and whilst the hollandaise could’ve used more lemon, it was rich and silken.
Leek and Potato Roesti ($18)
Bilge took a leap of faith and ordered what I had been considering, the Leek and Potato Roesti ($18), and was rewarded for her boldness. Far from the usual decadent affair, this crunchy potato patty was topped with a soft herb salad, folds of smoked salmon, and exquisitely fresh ribbons of pickled cucumber, all mixed in with the delicate yolk of a poached egg for an elegant start to the day. 
Char Grilled Corn Bread ($18.5)
Char Grilled Corn Bread ($18.5)
Jan, having previously been here, decided to try something a little different, and ordered the Red Braised Pork Belly on Char Grilled Corn Bread($18.5). We were both in two minds about the dish. Whilst the pork belly was indulgently tender with a shell of crackling, the sauce on top was much too sweet, especially in conjunction with the cornbread. The apple and daikon salad on the side unfortunately failed to provide refreshment to the overwhelming flavours. 
Black Angus Steak Sandwich ($19)
After tossing up between something healthy (avocado on toast), and something ridiculously sinful, Sarah went with the latter and had herself the Black Angus Steak Sandwich ($19). Whilst a simple sandwich with only a few ingredients, this was done marvellously. The flavoursome beef absolutely melted in the mouth, and was made even better by crispy bacon and gooey cheese. A little rocket and beetroot relish for lightness, and you have yourself a killer sandwich. 
For those who have had the privilege of eating at Three Bags Full, you’ll recognise their hand in every part of Two Birds One Stone. It has the same familiar warmth and no-frills menu (and the little teacup lights!), as well as a wicked hoard of cakes and pastries on the counter. It yet again proves that you don’t need anything but good, simple food to attract a loyal following.
Rating: 15/20 – three two one go!
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit. 

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    I loved it when they had the polenta

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      Wish I had been there to try it – the photos look absolutely amazing! :(

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