What I ate on NYE 2012

Would you believe it’s been another year already? I’ve been eating left and right this year, and of course NYE was to be no different. iPhone snaps today though – who carries a big camera around on NYE? Well K would (and did) but guess who I’m not?
Small Skinny Flat White ($4)
I’ve been doing some morning shifts at work, and I’ve gotten into an awful caffeine habit. And because I had to get up before 11am today, I was dead and grumpy by about 2pm, and had to have a coffee. I was this close to making my way into a Starbucks (damn those people who actually get holidays), when I remembered Plantation, which occupies an entire corner in Melbourne Central and uses St. Ali coffee. Hallelujah! I was saved from awful coffee! So we made our way up there and I eagerly grappled for a Small Skinny Flat White($4), which was predictably smooth and delicious drinking. Light and fruity with perfectly frothed milk, this went down a treat.
Pina Colada Cupcake ($4)
With Cupcake Central literally just there, we couldn’t say no to some cakey deliciousness (can we ever?). The only flavour that we haven’t tried was the Pina Colada Cupcake ($4), and of course it was good. The icing was soft and creamy, garnished with crunchy bits of toasted coconut. And the cake itself was moist and fluffy with chunks of real pineapple in it. If I had to pick bones, I would say that I would love a stronger taste to it but why complain at all?
We were going to head to Stalactites for a big hearty Greek feast but unfortunately we had both stuffed ourselves with snacks whilst seeing The Hobbit earlier (whee Martin Freeman!), so seeing that Meshiya (200 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC 3000) was open was a godsend. After all, it’s much easier to have a light meal at a Japanese restaurant than Greek.
I walk past Meshiya all the time, yet I always manage to forget about it until I’m going directly by. But in all fairness, it is pretty easy to miss – tucked along a laneway near QV, it’s a long, unobtrusive restaurant that’s only a couple meters wide. At 4pm it was predictably quiet, but we like things that way.
Katsu Don ($12.8)
I may not have been hungry but Chris certainly was. So he went for Katsu Don ($12.8), a decently sized bowl of rice practically covered with a giant deep fried pork cutlet. Neither of us had any complaints about this – the pork was lean but tender, and the sauce was a nice balance of sweet and savoury, not too overwhelming.
Mini Chirashi Don ($14.8)
I had my go-to meal for when I feel like something light and nourishing – Mini Chirashi Don ($14.8). Once again, this was neither something to complain nor write home about. The selection of fish (salmon, tuna, kingfish) was surprisingly fresh and supple though, and I enjoyed it with the vinegared rice and selection of pickled vegetables. I did like how there was the option of having the mini chirashi for all those times you weren’t too hungry.
And then we sat on Southbank for 7 hours with a whole bunch of snacks to wait for the fireworks. It got kind of cold. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!
Plantation Rating: 14/20 – yay coffee

Plantation on Urbanspoon

Meshiya Rating: 12/20 – reliable. i think.

Meshiya on Urbanspoon

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