Your Thai Rice and Noodle Bar

255 Swanston Street, CBD
Melbourne, 3000

Has anyone noticed how much salads cost these days? You’d think that a pile of greenery with some form of protein would be on the cheaper end of the eating out scale but alas, more often than not, a reasonable non-vegetarian salad sits closer to twenty dollars than ten. Thank goodness for Your Thai Rice and Noodle Bar, which serves a handful of decent salads, as well as an assortment of other dishes. 
Roast Pork Salad ($7)
My Roast Pork Salad ($7), served with 3 prawn crackers, was a fine effort. A good variety of vegetables was liberally doused in fish sauce, and a handful of crushed peanuts made the crunchy salad even crunchier. A little more herbs and roast pork, and a little less fish sauce would’ve made this salad excellent.
Cripsy Noodle with Beef ($8.9)
And K had Crispy Noodle with Beef ($8.6). Whilst the flavour was nothing to shout about, the portion was ridiculously generous. Definitely one of the better feeds you can get for under a tenner, especially if you’re a big eater.
Rating: 12/20 – A Bit of Everything

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