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It all started with a tweet. I was in love with Three Bags Full ever since the moment they replied to my tweet that yes, I can order a steak sandwich at 8am, or the big breakfast at 3pm. Brunch without having to get up in the am is a godsend for those of us who aren’t morning people.  
(4) Interior
The interior of Three Bags Full is a sort of beautiful industrial chic, full of natural light and fresh flowers. It’s such a nice change to see a cafe in Melbourne that’s proud of the effort they put into the decor, as opposed to the effort they put into making it seem like they didn’t put in any effort.   
(7) Cakes
A quick scan through the menu reveals a balanced and comprehensive selection of breakfast and lunch options. Drinks are a bit more adventurous, offering chocolate milkshakes and organic soft drinks to go with your brunch if you so choose. A glass cabinet full of slices and cakes beckon hypnotically.  
Chai Latte ($4)
Chai Latte ($4)
Feeling like a cup of something warm and comforting, I ordered a Chai Latte ($4) for myself, and was offered the choice of having it made with tea leaves, or syrup. Deciding on the former, I was rewarded with a little pot filled with at least two cups of warm, velvety chai that’s not too creamy, and spicy with cloves. Add a spoonful of honey (or two), and the day suddenly looks so much brighter.
Iced Chocolate ($6)
Iced Chocolate ($6)
Chris on the other hand went for a tall, decadent glass of Iced Chocolate ($6). One look at the thick chocolate syrup at the bottom and you know you’re going to be in for a good time. This was slurped up before I could go back for seconds.
Big Breakfast ($18.5)
Big Breakfast ($18.5)
Big Breakfast ($18.5)
I had no trouble convincing Chris to order the Big Breakfast ($18.5), a plate of everything you could possibly wish for. Except for maybe some avocado but hey, let’s not be picky here. Highlights include thick rashers of bacon sizzled to perfection, whole mushrooms cooked in butter and herbs, and tomatoes that exploded into a mouthful of smoky sweetness. The eggs were on the small side, but they bled a lovely golden yolk once cut into. Every time I stole the plate, I was given puppy dog eyes until I was forced to hand it back.
Roast Potato, French Triple Cream Brie, Celeriac Remoulade and Poached Egg ($15.5)

I’m usually one for an elaborate breakfast, but the conventional menu and horrid weather guided me towards something more simple and hearty. Anyway that was the plan until I saw the specials. Though horribly tempted by the prospect of a cheesy cauliflower gratin, or a hearty bowl of minestrone, I eventually succumbed to the Roast Potato, French Triple Cream Brie, Celeriac Remoulade and a Poached Egg($15.5), the combination of potato, cheese, and something I’ve never had before (the celeriac remoulade, not the poached egg) proving too difficult to resist.

Roast Potato, French Triple Cream Brie, Celeriac Remoulade and Poached Egg ($15.5)
A sort of deconstructed baked potato tower, the combination of crispy potato, buttery and pungent brie, and slightly bitter remoulade (which turned out to be a sort of coleslaw with celeriac, radishes and chives) was a stunning success. The only downside was that it got impossibly rich by the end; definitely one to share, even if your first impulse is to cling onto the plate and never let go. 
Three Bags Full proves that sometimes, simple is best. They’re not re-inventing the wheel or anything, but they are tying some knives to the spokes, effectively cutting down any close competition they have. In a delicious and not at all gruesome way of course. 
Rating: 15.5/20 – yes sir yes sir! 

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