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Maybe it doesn’t sound like it, but working full-time, studying part-time and blogging is a lot of hard work. No wonder poor Ming needs some down time here and there. So what better way to lighten the load than with a guest post? That’s right – it’s Chris again, back to lend a helping hand!
Japanese food has something for everyone. Long ago, if Ming were to suggest sushi for dinner, my reaction would be one of horror. Now, I can rest safe in the knowledge that sushi for Ming is entirely likely to mean some delicious Japanese curry for me. So, having completed her required 100 scripts dispensed without fault at work, I was in no position to argue with Ming when she opted to dine at Ocha2Go one night after work.
Ocha2Go is a small restaurant only a stone’s throw from Hawthorn station. The few wait staff had their hands full with a constant stream of takeaway orders, so we had plenty of time to peruse the menu and chat before our food arrived.

Sunshine Roll ($11)
First to arrive was the Sunshine Roll ($11). As someone who generally avoids sushi, I found this more enjoyable than I expected – perhaps it was something about the sticky texture of the rice and salmon roe that appealed to me. The sushi itself was nothing to rave about, though I thought it was nicely presented and held together well, which is always welcome for a chopstick amateur like myself.

Ocha2Go’s Beef and Vegetable Curry ($16.5)
Ocha2Go’s Beef and Vegetable Curry ($16.5)
Next up was the Ocha2Go’s Beef and Vegetable Curry ($16.5), served with miso soup. It was not as rich as other curries I’ve had, but I enjoyed the mild flavour of the sauce complementing the wonderfully tender beef.  The miso soup tasted more of soy than I’d like, so I left most of that to Ming this time around.

Norimaki Roll Combo ($8.5)
Meanwhile, Ming further satisfied her sushi craving with the Norimaki Roll Combo ($8.5), a selection of small tuna, cucumber, salmon, and avocado rolls. To be 100% honest, there’s not much more I can say about these – they tasted exactly like they sound, which is to say a small mouthful of rice with the hint of your chosen filling.
Ocha2Go’s service was delightfully pleasant, forgiving the fact that they seemed woefully understaffed on the night of our visit. We were slightly underwhelmed by the food, but all in all we enjoyed our time there as a relaxed, casual, yet nourishing dinner.
Rating: 12/20
This rating reflects my (or in this case, Chris’) personal experience at the time of visit. 

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