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Hakatamon Ramen

It’s no secret that even after 4 years in Sydney, I miss Melbourne as much as I did when I first moved up. Sydney may win by leaps and bounds when it comes to the great outdoors, but frankly I’m more into the arts and culture side of things that is so much more abundant in Melbourne. Maybe that’s why I am such a fan of Darling Square, a newly opened precinct that’s a hub for all things food and entertainment. And it doesn’t hurt that the design is both modern and beautiful either. There is a myriad of good eateries located in Darling Square, and one that has caught my eye is Hakatamon Ramen. The interior is rather small…

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Chinese Dumpling Master

Sometimes all you need is a good plate of dumplings, but today I’m in a rather unusual place to be getting them – Newtown. But there’s a good reason for this; I wanted to chase my dumplings with yet another visit to my beloved MaPo. And after a quick search, I found Chinese Dumpling Master. An outpost of Chinese Noodle House, a Chinatown stalwart, Chinese Dumpling Master is your classic minimal frills, maximum thrills eatery. People pop in and out for a plate of dumplings, a bowl of noodles, and maybe a casual stir fry or two to go with their BYO bottle. The only exception to that is the fake grape vines covering every inch of the ceiling; it…

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Bodhi Restaurant

Now that I have finally finished medical school, I have a glorious two-month window before I start my internship where I’m expected to do nothing except what I want. And even if most of this year hadn’t been spent in lockdown, hitting up restaurants that I normally don’t have time to visit would still be top of my list. And very high up on that list is Bodhi Restaurant. Because even though it’s open lunch through dinner, it’s the yum cha menu that I’m really interested in, and spending half a day on something like that just wasn’t the kind of time I had… until now. Bodhi is tucked away in a lush corner of Cook and Phillip Park, almost…

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VN City

One thing I missed the most (food-wise) during lockdown was a fresh, piping-hot bowl of pho. Sure I got plenty of Vietnamese takeaway whilst we were banned from going out, but pho is just one of those things that’s really not the same if you’re not there to eat it within seconds of it hitting your table. That’s why, within days of lockdown ending, I was at VN City, ready for my pho fix. In a suburb saturated with Korean food, VN City is one of the very few spots to get a Vietnamese feed. So it’s a relief that by all accounts, this place is a good one. They’re known for their signature crispy chicken, but you’ll find all…

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RaRa Chan

I’ve made it no secret that RaRa is my favourite place in Sydney for ramen. And if you’re vegetarian or vegan, their sister restaurant Lonely Mouth is also remarkably good. But there’s one thing the ramen gods of Sydney have yet to bless me with, and that is tsukemen, a dry-styled ramen that’s eaten dipped into a concentrated broth. Sort of like soba but warm and way, way better. But with the people behind RaRa being so great and all, I wasn’t wholly surprised when they announced RaRa Chan, a new outpost in Everleigh specialising in tsukemen.

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IIKO Mazesoba

My love for ramen is eternal. It is one of my favourite things to eat, and if not for the existence of sushi, may possibly be my most favourite food of all time. And although Hakata-styled ramen – tonkotsu broth with a thin, straight noodle – is what Australia is most familiar with, the world of ramen encompasses far more than just creamy pork soup (though that is arguably one of the best types). I love a good spicy bowl of noodles myself, and I also have an especial penchant for tsukemen, which is eaten soba-style, dipped into a bowl of super concentrated stock. But one thing I’ve yet to have is mazesoba, a broth-less ramen tossed with sauce and…

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