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Aunty Franklee

Does anyone remember the restaurant called Sugarbun? It holds a special place inside my heart, not for gastronomical reasons, but because Chris had taken to calling me his sugarbun ever since we first walked past it. Anyway, I was a little upset when it closed unexpectedly last year before I even had a chance to try it out, and reappeared a few weeks later as Aunty Franklee. But franklee, I needn’t have worried. Because although the cute name has gone, the restaurant itself has also undergone a complete overhaul, and their pared back menu of Malaysia home-styled cooking soon garnered the attention of foodies and expats alike.

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Hawker Hall

Ok, so, get this: I had booked a long-overdue dentist appointment with my regular, preparing for an arduous and expensive afternoon of teeth cleaning and scraping. I get there, sit down, and 10 minutes later, this unfamiliar bloke comes out and goes ‘do you remember me?’ (I obviously didn’t). Seeing the dumb look on my face, he followed up with ‘don’t you? It’s been a long time; high school?’ And then I realised he was in fact, more familiar than I had initially realised. Long story short, that’s how I ended up giving $355 to someone whom I had last seen as an annoying 13 year old classmate.

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Vegie Bowl

There’s a place about 5 minutes up the road from my house called Vegie Bowl. It’s slightly off Springvale Road, only accessible via the service road to the side. For the longest time I paid absolutely no attention to it, despite going past it 5 days a week for the last 10 or so years. Mum always thought it was some kind of garden shop, probably due to the word ‘vegie’, and the fact that there’s an actual garden shop next door. We both eventually realised that Vegie Bowl was an Asian-styled vegetarian restaurant that enjoys a good reputation with the locals, and mum urged me to go try it out – not that she needed to! Situated in a…

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The Proud Peacock

Call me easy, but a freebie can do wonders if you’re looking for the dubious honour of my favour. Now, sponsored blog posts are a different matter altogether, but when a restaurant adds a little something on top without asking for anything in return, that’s where the brownie points stack up. That probably explains why so many people love The Proud Peacock. The Proud Peacock is a pretty standard Vietnamese restaurant, with just a smattering of Malaysian thrown in. The restaurant itself is tiny as it is, but the kitchen is barely the size of my en-suite, yet they manage to churn out anything you want from an A3-sized menu. The staff were, understandably, stretched incredibly thin, but that’s not…

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Guess who’s on university holidays while Ming toils away at full-time work? It’s Chris, back again to lend a hand with the blogging. (And oh, I hope you all enjoy the new website! It’s been a long time coming.) If you’re eating in Glen Waverley, there’s a 95% chance you’re eating in Kingsway – the ever-busy strip of shops, restaurants, and cafes with something to suit almost any craving (even Mexican!). However, if you find yourself unable to get a seat for dinner, fear not- just around the corner is a smaller, slightly less conspicuous set of restaurants.

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Kitchen Inn

My last weekend passed by in a flash, and come Monday, I was all for not making an effort and blogging one of the dime-a-dozen restaurants along Swanston Street. Whilst waiting for Chris to finish work, I figured there was no harm in taking a look for some good CBD restaurants that I can write about over the next few weeks. It ended in anguish, as I quickly made a dozen or so new discoveries, thus ruining all my plans of being lazy.

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