Thai Tiki Hut

571 High Street
Northcote, VIC 3070


It may have technically been Spring for a month and a half already, but that won’t stop the chilly Winter winds nipping at our heels through to Summer (typical Melbs). But I know a way of bringing a bit of much-needed sun to these lingering Winter evenings – Thai Tiki Hut.



I’ve been to a lot of restaurants in Melbourne, but Thai Tiki Hut takes the cake for hodgepodge quirkiness. Not content to mix Thai with a stereotypical tropical theme, they’ve also thrown in some (for lack of a better term) war-time glam, complete with retro Thai war films playing on the TV. The result however is not nearly as tacky as you need fear, and the cordoned off booths were very cosy, if a bit cramped.

Chicken Pad See Ew ($14.9)

Chicken Pad See Ew ($14.9)

Making an effort to avoid my usual favourite of pad kee mao, I chose to have the Chicken Pad See Ew ($14.9) instead. Despite a list of ingredients that I have always thought sounded dull, this fried noodle dish was actually a treat. The wide, slippery noodles were smoky from the wok, seasoned with a delectable combination of savoury soy sauce, sweet oyster sauce, and a touch of tanginess from a squeeze of lime. There was also a generous amount of chicken, as well as a selection of crisp veggies.

Pad Cha Duck ($18.9)

Pad Cha Duck ($18.9)

The Pad Cha Duck ($18.9) came off the specials menu. The succulent slices of roast duck were stir-fried with a vibrant mix of vegetables in a spicy sauce full of garlic, chilli, and green peppercorns. It was actually quite spicy, so it was good that the Steamed Jasmine Rice ($2) was such a generous serve. I would’ve liked a little more duck in the dish, but I get it – duck is expensive.

Although Thai Tiki Hut isn’t anything overly special in my opinion, I thought it was a pretty good gig all up. The food was tasty, the portion sizes reasonable, and the prices quite good. The service was also prompt and smiling – not a necessity at these cheap and cheerfuls, but always worth a few brownie points. And regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of the decor, it is a sight to behold for sure.

Rating: 13/20 – tiki time.
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit.

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