Ajisen Ramen

82 Kingsway
Glen Waverley, VIC 3150
What’s the best thing to eat on a 41 degree day after going to the beach? Ice cream? Salad? Fish and chips? That would all make a lot of sense but screw sense, we wanted ramen. So I guess it was the perfect opportunity to check out the Glen Waverley branch of Ajisen Ramen.
Ajisen Ramen is a huge Japanese franchise that has been running since 1968 and now spans from Japan all the way to Canada and the US. It does have a bit of a chain feel to it, especially considering that you can’t turn in any direction without seeing their mascot emblazoned on something. But from previous experience, the food is quite a bit more organic than the standardised, mass-produced efforts you would associate with large international restaurant franchises.
Lemonade Float ($4.5)
Chris had been hankering for a cold drink ever since the ice in his water bottle had melted completely about 2 hours ago, so he pounced on the Lemonade Float ($4.5). It looked like a milkshake once you stirred the ice cream in.
Geso Karaage ($7)
We didn’t want to go completely overboard on such a hot day so we decided to share two entrees and a bowl of ramen. The first entree was our ever-beloved Geso Karaage ($7), a generous plate of battered and fried octopus to dip in kewpie mayo. It was nicely drained and the octopus was fairly tender, but given how hot the day was, it got a bit excessive towards the end, even with the help of the lemon.
Nasi Dengaku ($6.5)
I rarely have Nasi Dengaku ($6.5), even though I’m rather fond of it. The eggplant half was grilled, and its fleshy innards scored and doused with miso paste, leading to a sweet, salty and earthy mixture to be scooped out with a spoon and relished.
Spicy Miso Ramen ($11.5)
There was an almost indecent selection of ramen on offer, all of them in a sticky, porky tonkotsu base. We eventually decided on the Spicy Miso Ramen ($11.5), which came out piping hot in an impressively large bowl. The soup has a bit of a peppery tingle to it, the flavours porky and pleasant, and was perked up further with the addition of the house spice mix and roasted garlic powder. The thin noodles were toothsome, and for once there was a generous amount of fatty charshu slices. Crowned with half a soft boiled egg, this was a good sized serving of more than satisfactory noodles.
So, Ajisen Ramen isn’t exactly as lofty as it presents itself to be, but I’ve no complaints either. I don’t think I would really go out of my way to eat here again, but I would happily drop by for a bowl when I’m craving ramen and there’s nothing better nearby.
Rating: 13/20 – backup ramen.

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  • Reply Katherine 04/07/2016 at 8:04 pm

    hey come and try Ajisen Ramen in Maribynong. Its been open for about a year and a half now in Highpoint where Hoyts is. I don’t work there but they have some decent bentos and the ramen looked pretty decent too. Review to come soon.

    Oh and they have fried garlic- real Japanese garlic

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