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White Mojo Plus

I am the brunch-bringer in my family. Although my parents have boundless enthusiasm for newly opened Chinese restaurants and will basically try every single one they see within a 10km radius of their house, they’re a bit more timid when it comes to brunch. This is rather unfortunate, as they are big fans of brunch (who isn’t). So when I’m in town, I see it as equal parts obligation and privilege to take them out for a good bit of poached eggs and porridge.

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Hong Kong Dim Sum

Happy Holidays! Even though this post won’t actually get released until about mid-January, we are right in the silly season at the time of writing. So to all my beloved readers out there: thanks for sticking with me, have a good break, and eat lots of fantastic food! Speaking of eating fantastic food, I often find that easier said than done at this time of year. Although there are plenty of pot-lucks and family dinners to tighten that waistband, lots of restaurants are also taking a well-earned rest. This usually (but not always!) means that meals out are more or less restricted to the cheap and cheerful Asian restaurants, who tend to be keener on Chinese New Year than Christmas.

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Meat In The Middle

I took my sister out for dinner last night at the brand new burger and souvlaki bar in Glen Waverley – Meat in the Middle. In this case, the name more or less does say it all. Despite being a restaurant, the fit-out is leaning towards spartan, as almost half the space is dedicated to smoking and sizzling meats. You order at the counter, but they do bring the food over to your table; the overall feel is very much gourmet take-away. Though small and busy, turnover is quick, and it didn’t take us all that long to nab a section of the bench for ourselves.

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Remember when the only non-Asian restaurant in Glen Waverley was Mocha Jo’s? Well get this – now there’s a Mexican tapas restaurant, a steakhouse, and a burger-and-yoghurt bar. YOMG! #Puns #ImSickCutMeSomeSlack. I clearly haven’t been to Glen Waverley for a while, because when I rocked up a couple weeks ago for a lazy dinner, I found not one, but TWO new restaurants lining Kingsway. Because I didn’t have my camera with me however, I had to wait a bit before I could try those restaurants out. And because I was more in the mood for burgers and fro-yo, rather than burgers and souvlaki, YOMG it was.

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Dainty Sichuan

Raise your hands if you like Sichuan food! Now raise your hands if Dainty Sichuan was the first place you’ve ever had it! What started as an exceedingly humble 8-table restaurant in 2003 has since then expanded to an empire that reigns the Sichuan food scene in Melbourne. These days, Dainty Sichuan is spread over 4 locations – South Yarra, Box Hill, Emporium, and Glen Waverley – with a fifth to come in the CBD. And for those who aren’t satisfied with just Sichuan dishes, you can now also get hot pot, and noodles at their spin-off restaurant, Tina’s Noodle Kitchen. Can you tell I’ve been reading their website? I have finally, finally found myself a permanent hospital pharmacist job,…

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Guess who’s on university holidays while Ming toils away at full-time work? It’s Chris, back again to lend a hand with the blogging. (And oh, I hope you all enjoy the new website! It’s been a long time coming.) If you’re eating in Glen Waverley, there’s a 95% chance you’re eating in Kingsway – the ever-busy strip of shops, restaurants, and cafes with something to suit almost any craving (even Mexican!). However, if you find yourself unable to get a seat for dinner, fear not- just around the corner is a smaller, slightly less conspicuous set of restaurants.

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