Beer DeLuxe

Federation Square, Flinders Street
Melbourne, 3000

The Lot ($9.00)
Look at that bad boy. After a week of eating really well, I was craving something greasy and meaty to undo the entire week of being healthy. Beer DeLuxe is situated right at the back of Federation Square, just behind ACMI. There are two parts to Beer DeLuxe – the restaurant/bar end, which, according to urbanspoon, serves pizza, Greek, and tapas. But we were more interested in the burger bar end today. You order over the counter, and the menu is short and sweet, looking more suburban milk bar than tourist hot spot. The beer list on the other hand is long enough to send the indecisive into a nervous sweat; thank goodness I don’t drink beer. There is no indoor seating, so make sure you arrive on a sunny day. The weather was on our side that day, so we enjoyed the sunshine and watched the giant fed square TV as we waited for our orders to arrive.
The Lot ($9.00)
Believe it or not, this burger with the lot ($9.00) was my order. Stacked high with a large patty, (really crispy) bacon, egg, cheese, fried onions, and a mandatory handful of salad, it was all I could do not to unhinge my jaw whilst trying to bite into it. I originally wanted to get double patty as well, but I was grateful that Chris prevented me from making that move, or I would’ve had to dismantle my burger to fit it into my mouth.
Plain Inc. ($6.50)
It’s our rule (my rule) that the first time we visit any new burger joint, we have to get their most basic burger, so we can suss out how good the most important ingredient – the patty – tastes with minimal embellishments. And so in comes the plain inc. ($6.50), which as its name suggests, is about as basic as it gets. The patty was smaller, but it was also thicker, and it was nicely seasoned, though not mind blowing. It was more like eating a chunky meat sandwich than a burger but still pretty good.
In my opinion, if you’re going to eat at Burger DeLuxe, you may as well go for the lot. You don’t get much value for money with the basic, but the lot is another story. Or for $11.50, the double pattie with lettuce, bacon, onion, and cheese, served with fries, is enough to fill up even the emptiest of tummies. And if you do happen to be one of those people who love your beer (I know there are a lot of you out there), then take advantage of their square meal deal – at $9.50 for a burger and a beer after 6pm every Thursday, who says weekends can’t start early?
Rating: 13.5/20 – burger ‘n’ beer 

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