David and Camy’s Dumplings

605 Station St
Box Hill, 3128

After every breakup, comes a rebound. Ever since Glen Waverley’s Bob’s Kitchen closed and re-opened as RaRamen, which unfortunately doesn’t have the same low price and huge portions as its predecessor did, I’ve been looking for a substitute to heal the dumpling-shaped hole in my heart. In the glory days of Bob’s Kitchen, David and Camy’s Dumplings has always been second place to them, mainly because Bob’s is closer to where I live, and just that tiny bit less grotty. But now that Bob’s Kitchen has been mourned, buried, and unsatisfactorily replaced, it’s time to re-visit David and Camy’s (Note: the food here is from two visits, as there is enough to feed 3 very hungry people, or 4 somewhat-hungry people)
Hot and Sour Soup ($4)
When the Hot and Sour Soup ($4) arrived, for a moment I wasn’t sure on what I wanted to do – do I take a spoon and start drinking it, or do I change into a swim suit and dive in? Seriously, there is enough soup in it to make a meal, and what it lacks in flavour (I would’ve liked it to be more spicy, and have a bit more tofu), it certainly makes up for in portion size.
Pork Buns ($4 for 3)
Pork Buns ($4 for 3) were big and fluffy, with a flavoursome mince
Pork and Spinach Boiled Dumplings ($8 for 15)
At David and Camy’s, dumplings are offered in every way you can possibly imagine – steamed, boiled, fried, pork, beef, chicken, prawn, vegetarian, in a house, with a mouse, I am Sam, Sam I am. But we decided to be boring and just order the pork and spinach boiled dumplings ($8 for 15). Liberally doused with sesame oil and tasting as fresh as can be, they go down a treat with a dash of black vinegar.
Braised Belly Pork on Rice ($8.5)
The braised belly pork on rice ($8.5) is a man’s meal through and through. Two thick slices of pork belly are slapped onto a huge pile of fluffy white rice, and there’s a small pile of pickled vegetables, and a hard-boiled egg in five-spice on the side. It’s almost as good as mum would make.
The service here is surprisingly polite for a cheap and cheerful, and eerily fast – I’ve never had to wait more than about 5 minutes for food. And the dumplings are more than worth venturing out to Box Hill for. I think I’m ready to love again.
Rating: 14.5/20 – cheap ‘n cheerful

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