Royale Brothers

Rear 1 Church St 
Brighton, VIC 
When did burgers become gourmet? Not that I’m complaining; I think burgers have been given a new lease on life with the birth of wagyu patties, brioche buns, and tomato relish. But sometimes it’s good to go back to basics.
And whilst Royale Brothers isn’t as basic as the fish and chip shops stuck perpetually in the 60s (such as Andrew’s), it is as close as you’ll get to a neighbourhood burger shop in idyllic Brighton. The pop-up-store is barely an indent in the back of their sister restaurant – Pantry – selling burgers to families with young kids, famished beach-goers, and the school kids in the know. And whilst the menu is quite limited, there is a surprising range of burgers available, such as pulled pork, or fish.
Our burgers were handed to us in a brown paper bag, wrapped endearingly in butcher’s paper. On the side was a serve of Chips with Royale Spiced Seasoning ($3.5), and a tall, green Slushie ($4.5) for the hot weather. 
Royale with Cheese ($12)
The original burger – the Royale with Cheese ($12) – sounded a lot like a Huxtaburger on paper, and it definitely reminded me of one, albeit with more cheese and less guilt. It was a beautiful sandwich with a patty that’s succulent yet chunky, plenty of sauce, oozing cheese, and a whole lot of pickles. I really enjoyed the milk bun, which was fluffy and sweet without being oily. 
Spicy Royale ($12)
In my opinion (though Chris heartily disagrees), adding jalapenos makes a good thing better. My Spicy Royale ($12) was just like the Royale with Cheese, all tender meat and gooey cheese, but with the critical addition of sweet and tangy jalapeno salsa. 
Our sides weren’t as spectacular, but made for a happy accompaniment to the burgers. The chips were crispy with a smoky, spicy seasoning, though it did get quite salty at the bottom. I really liked the slushie – rather than being smooth, it had those moreish ice crystals that crunched with every bite. 
Royale Brothers had what was possibly the best burger I’ve had since Huxtaburger, no joke. Whilst they are less indulgent, they were balanced, finger-licklingly-good, and came in fish and chip shop proportions. They’re rather good value for money in the age of 20 dollar burgers, and I left feeling full and satisfied.
Rating: 14/20 – royals.
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit.
Sweet and Sour Fork dined as a guest of Royale Brothers.

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