Shizuku Ramen

309 Victoria Street
Abbotsford, VIC 3067
Making a claim to be ‘the most authentic bowl of ramen in Melbourne’ is a big call, but regardless of whether it’s true or just pure folly, Shizuku Ramen had me intrigued, and I was keen to find out for myself. 
In a section of Melbourne very much known for a plethora of dingy Vietnamese restaurants and a small selection of more hip but still grungy hangouts, Shizuku stands out like a newly-shined shoe buckle. It is a peaceful oasis after the end of a long week, and I could feel myself relaxing into the serene atmosphere the moment I sat down. I loved the pachinko machine they had sitting by the door; even if it was small and non-functioning, the bright lights and colourful background still managed to whisk me back to Japan for a brief spell. 
Soy Sauce Popcorn
It’s the small touches, such as a complimentary bowl of Soy Sauce Popcorn that really makes a restaurant stand out. And it really doesn’t hurt that these were unbelievably addictive; like plain salted popcorn but with an added hit of umami that can only be described as hypnotic.
Tan Tan Ramen ($15)
Tan Tan Ramen ($15)
I was disappointed to see that there was no tonkotsu ramen on the menu, but it was a cold day, and my Tan Tan Ramen ($15) went down a treat. The soup was rich and spicy, and the curly noodles perfectly toothsome. The garnishes of vegetables and minced pork may have been sparing, but the soup was so flavour-packed that it wasn’t an issue. The only thing I wanted more of was the beautifully creamy soft-boiled egg. 
Shoyu Ramen ($15)
The Shoyu Ramen ($15) was a hit as well. Instead of the oft-bland soy-based broth, this one was delicately porky with a lovely depth of flavour. The noodles were just as immaculate as those found in the Tan Tan Ramen, but the toppings were more generous this time around, with thin slices of fatty roast pork and bamboo shoots blanketing the noodles. MORE EGG PLEASE!
I’m not sure about most authentic bowl of ramen in Melbourne, but it’s definitely now one of my favourites. The thing I liked the most about Shizuku, besides the charming atmosphere, was the variation found on the menu. It has something for every situation, from a quick meal for one, to an extended evening of nibbles and banter. And it has a ramen burger. That’s right, a ramen burger.
Rating: 13.5/20 – spicy slurpy goodness.
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit.
Sweet and Sour Fork dined as a guest of Shizuku Ramen.

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