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Seoul Soul

It’s no secret that Melbourne loves to eat. Combine that with the fact that Melbourne is also a rather worldly place (despite its small size), I’ve been left rather reluctant to make any claims on the authenticity of a restaurant. Good yes, authentic no. I’ve only been to less than half a dozen countries myself, but luckily between friends and co-workers, I can usually get a pretty good opinion on just how genuine the food at a restaurant is.

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Shizuku Ramen

Making a claim to be ‘the most authentic bowl of ramen in Melbourne’ is a big call, but regardless of whether it’s true or just pure folly, Shizuku Ramen had me intrigued, and I was keen to find out for myself. In a section of Melbourne very much known for a plethora of dingy Vietnamese restaurants and a small selection of more hip but still grungy hangouts, Shizuku stands out like a newly-shined shoe buckle. It is a peaceful oasis after the end of a long week, and I could feel myself relaxing into the serene atmosphere the moment I sat down. I loved the pachinko machine they had sitting by the door; even if it was small and non-functioning,…

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Jinda Thai

I didn’t think I’d be lucky enough to say this so soon but, Melbourne’s Thai food is pretty great. Still not Sydney mind you, but I am no longer seriously considering flying interstate just for my Thai fix. Jinda Thai is the new it thing when it comes to Thai food. Between bloggers, my co-workers, and mum’s co-workers, I’ve had no less than half a dozen people telling me how great it is. Heck it even came up in a 1 minute conversation I had with a stranger. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited.

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