126 Koornang Rd
Carnegie, VIC 3163

Membership Wall
The joy of Japanese food, in my opinion, is in its simplicity. A perfect slice of fish draped over a small clump of vinegared rice, quickly dipped in soy; the sweet earthiness of miso in a cloudy soup, with just a couple of scallions floating on the surface. At Shyun, you’ll find a menu that’s elegant in its simplicity, and surroundings with a quiet, Zen-like feel to match.
Sushi Bar
The locals have quickly discovered the delights of this authentic little noshery (hence the membership wall right by the entrance), where regulars are greeted by name, and the banter between the staff is in fluent Japanese. Needless to say, the small front area and the courtyard at the back quickly filled up as dinnertime rolled around. Behind the sushi bar, the head sushi chef methodically sliced up plate upon plate of succulent sashimi, oblivious to the hubbub.
Deluxe Bento ($14)
Teriyaki Chicken
Grilled Miso Salmon
There’s a build-your-own-bento option with some tempting offerings, but we eschew that in favour of the Deluxe Bento ($14), which is served with a tempting array of treats. Tender bites of teriyaki chicken drizzled with kewpie mayo; grilled salmon that flaked away at the touch of our chopsticks, topped with a robust, grainy miso paste; a single prawn, its mild sweetness encased in a devastatingly crispy batter. Two salads, one a creamy potato and another a crunchy cabbage with sesame-soy dressing, are no less than addictive.
Sashimi Omakase ($21 for 24 pieces)
The Sashimi Omakase ($21 for 24 pieces) is a fascinating exploration of the textures and flavours of different types of fish, not to mention a feast for the eyes.
The requisite slices of salmon caress the tongue with its velvet, buttery texture. Planks of tuna reminiscent of Turkish delight in both colour and texture are light and toothsome.
But it’s a mystery fish (bonus points to anyone who can tell me what it is) in a delicate shade of pink that delights the most. Cut into thin slices, it snaps against the teeth as you bite into the fresh morsel, only to melt away and slide down the throat a moment later, leaving nothing but a whisper of the ocean.
Black Sesame Ice Cream ($3.3)
Topping off the meal was a simple scoop of Black Sesame Ice Cream($3.3). A bit too frozen, it was nevertheless delightfully creamy and nutty.
Dinner at Shyun was a relaxing affair, but the food punched well above the standard its casual setting and reasonable prices suggest. Do I even need to say if I liked it or not?
Rating: 14.5/20 – shyun, i not disappoint.

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  • Reply sophler 17/04/2012 at 10:22 am

    Looks absolutely delicious. Will have to give it a try if I’m near Caulfield or something! Yum!

    • Reply ming 19/04/2012 at 9:40 am

      Definitely worth a try if you like Japanese food. Get in there early though because the line was literally out the door by 7pm!

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