The Cornershop

9 Ballarat St
Yarraville, VIC 3013
We went out for dinner on Friday night at The Cornershop, recommended to me by a co-worker whose boyfriend works there.
Rustic and lazy, this cosy little brunch spot converts to a popular dinner destination by night. We didn’t have a reservation but managed to get a place for two at the communal table.
Aromatic Braised Goat ($19)
Aromatic Braised Goat ($19)
The menu looked simply divine, taking its influences from all over the world. After consulting the waitress, we chose the Aromatic Braised Goat ($19), its warmly spiced tomato broth taking its cue from Moroccan cuisine. The fork-tender chunks of goat went beautifully with the handful of bright and tangy cucumber-coriander salad. The accompanying grilled flatbread was crisp, carrying with it a hint of garlic.
Sticky Beef Ribs with Moroccan Slaw ($18)
If we thought the goat was tender, then the Sticky Beef Ribs with Moroccan Slaw ($18) completely redefined the word. Covered in a sticky, sweet glaze, the unctuous ribs simply melted in the mouth. And for someone who hates slaw as a general rule, I found this one to be a revelation. Crunchy and peppery, it was the ideal pairing to the ribs.

Hand-Cut Desiree Potato Chips ($8.5)
After days of debating with my better judgement, we ended up ordering the Hand-Cut Desiree Potato Chips($8.5) anyway. And this just goes to prove that my better judgement isn’t always better. Fluffy in the middle and golden along the edges, the slices of potato were infused with subtle shades of rosemary and coated with salt flakes. The aioli was bursting with lemon and garlic. 
Creme Brulee with Date and Kahlua ($15)
As soon as I saw the Creme Brulee with Date and Kahlua ($15) on the menu, I knew we had to save – nay, make – room for it. And it was a spot-on dessert, the sugar crust brittle and caramelised, the custard thick and flecked with vanilla. But what sealed the deal was the treasure trove of pureed date at the bottom, adding its mellow sweetness to the rich, creamy dessert.
Though nothing fancy, The Cornershop has the comforting home-cooked food down pat. It’s unfortunately a bit out of the way for me, but the locals love this place. It buzzed the entire night.
Rating: 14/20 – such tender.
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit.

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