Tutto Bene

Shop M28 Southgate Plaza
Southbank, VIC 3006

Forget the other effects of inflation, all I care about in the summer is the rising cost of gelato. Almost without anyone noticing, the price of gelato has slowly crept up from 3 dollars a scoop… to 4 dollars… then 5… and before you know it, some places are charging over 6 dollars for a single scoop. SIX DOLLARS A SCOOP!
Thank goodness for places like Tutto Bene, which still sells gelato for well under 5 dollars, despite being in the premium location of Southbank. Their flavours rotate daily, which means that it’s definitely worth revisiting, even if it’s just to try some new flavours.
Mixed Berry Sorbet (single scoop, $4)
 And the rotating flavours meant that we were unfortunately unable to get the lemon sorbet we’ve both been craving, but we settled for what we were told to be absolutely delicious, the Mixed Berry Sorbet (single scoop, $4). This scoop of ice-cream lasted us quite a while, due to it being bursting with intense berry goodness. It was thick and creamy (well, not creamy seeing as it was a sorbet but I’m sure you get what I mean) and as a result was less refreshing than what we would’ve liked, but it was definitely delicious. 
Panna Cotta Gelato (baby scoop, $2.5)
Because I’m a greedy food blogger, we also got some of the Panna Cotta Gelato (baby scoop, $2.5). This was once again lusciously creamy, and tasted like a sweeter and lighter vanilla. It was yummy, but I totally should have gone with the honey flavoured one we were offered a taste of. 
Rating: 13/20 – actually affordable gelato

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  • Reply luana92 31/01/2012 at 3:26 pm

    Yum! I always go past this restaurant I’ll definitely buy some gelato next time :)
    P.s. – I told you I’d read your blog! I read through your recent reviews and I’m definitely a ‘s&s fork’ fan! See you at work :) xx

  • Reply ming 01/02/2012 at 1:24 am

    Yay! thanks so much for checking my blog out and I’m really glad that you like it; see you soon I hope :)

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