Aix Cafe Creperie Salon

24 Centre Pl
Melbourne, 3000

I have a theory. A small cafe in a back alley is the pinnacle of cool in Melbourne, right? And because it’s so cool, everyone wants to go there. And to accommodate all these people, the cafe expands. Coolness lost. Everyone leaves. You just can’t seem to win.
Not that this has much to do with Aix Creperie Salon, which has always been extremely small, and extremely popular. Always packed to the rafters at mealtimes, it’s fortunate that me and K strolled in at about 9:30, just as last of the breakfast-goers are leaving.
Aix Cafe Creperie Salon Exterior
If you thought the exterior looked small, just wait until you get inside – it’s about 90% kitchen and 10% seating, though it is undeniably cosy and charming. 
Beef Crepe Lasagne ($9)
For some absurd reason unbeknownst to me (though he was probably just hungry), K thought it’d be a fantastic idea to get lasagne for breakfast. And not just any lasagne, a Beef Crepe Lasagne ($9)! When it arrived however, I was a little deflated by how non-bizarre it looked. But it tasted wonderful – just like how a piping hot slab of lasagne should taste. It was the perfect comfort food for a chilly autumn day.
Roma Tomato, Fontina Cheese and Basil Crepe ($7)
 I on the other hand, took a much longer time deciding on what I wanted.  There is an extensive list of both sweet and savoury crepes on the menu, and some of them, like the sticky date and caramel one, really tickled my fancy. But feeling virtuous, I chose the Roma Tomato, Fontina Cheese, and Basil Crepe ($7). My crepe arrived wrapped in a neat little parcel with crispy looking edges. Following their sightly experimental formula (peking duck crepes, anyone?), the crepes at Aix are less paper-thin, and more of a pleasant halfway between a traditional French crepe and a pancake. The fillings were fresh and yummy, and included actual sprigs of fresh basil! A perfect example of quality over quantity that didn’t leave me feeling over-indulged.
Now please excuse me. The sticky date and caramel crepe is calling my name.
Rating: 13.5/20 – Beef Crepe Lasagne: FOOD-CEPTION!

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