Cacao Green

285 Swanston St
Melbourne, VIC

Cacao Green has been around for a while now, and I’ve been quite a few times, but I’ve never gotten around to blogging it. The reason isn’t because I don’t like it or anything; I’ve just been lazy lazy lazy (bad blogger!). But on a recent trip to Cacao Green with my sister, I finally gave into her prodding and wrote this post.

Though advertising itself as more of a dessert house serving parfaits, waffles, and a variety of saccharine beverages, not many people order anything other than the frozen yoghurt. The first part of ordering is just like any other ice cream place – you choose your flavour (original, Japanese matcha, strawberry, chocolate), and you choose your size (junior, regular, large). Then it gets interesting. Sitting in a glass cabinet on a bed of ice is a rainbow of different toppings. You want chopped fruit and compotes? You’ve got it. Candied nuts? Tick. Granola? No problem. Cheese cake pieces? Why not! At $1 each, or $2.5 for 3, it’s hard to stop at just a couple.

Japanese Matcha Frozen Yoghurt with Mochi ($5.7)

Tapping into the Asians in us, my sister and I got a junior sized Japanese matcha frozen yoghurt with mochi ($5.7) to share.
Japanese Matcha Frozen Yoghurt with Mochi ($5.7)

Those who have been to Cacao Green will understand when I say that there’s no frozen yoghurt quite like the kind here. As opposed to being sticky with sugar, it’s light and tangy with the taste of natural yoghurt shining through. The slight bitterness of the matcha was offset by the generous scoop of the toothsome and sweet marbles of mochi (Japanese rice cake). That said though, my heart still belongs to the Original Frozen Yoghurt. I’m fairly certain that machine has found a way to put the smile of a unicorn into its yoghurt. It’s my all-time favourite summer treat. And winter treat. And so forth.

Though the prices at Cacao Green may be even steeper than that of gelato, it’s justified by the high quality, free trade, and organic ingredients. I’ve even got a membership card – just one more yoghurt before I get 3 free toppings!

Rating: 14/20 – delicious delicious froghurt

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