Melbourne Central Shopping Centre
211 Latrobe St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

It’s hard to believe that a little shopfront in Melbourne Central is one of the contenders for best tacos in Melbourne, but blink-and-you’ll-miss-it CDMX has not only achieved that, but has also gained enough popularity to warrant a second, larger store in Brunswick within a couple of years of opening their doors. But it’s little wonder, because these are some of the tastiest and most authentic tacos going around not to mention the excellent portion sizes and super convenient location. The only possible complaint to make is the fact that the whole place only sits about 5 people on a narrow counter, but hey – that’s what the Brunswick location is for.

Rating: 13.5/20 – really great tacos.
Must-order: it’s all really good, but the birria taco is a signature for a reason.

Birria Tacos ($16, 2pcs)

The Birria Tacos ($16, 2pcs) is great stuff, full of juicy slow-cooked beef, lightly grilled to release the aroma from the corn tortilla, and to gild it with a crust of melted cheese. The accompanying consommé is less remarkable, with too much cinnamon for my liking, but if you’re a fan, you can get all the free refills you want.

Al Pastor Tacos ($13.5, 2pcs)

The Al Pastor Tacos ($13.5, 2pcs) were a little on the dry side, the pork not as flavoursome as I had hoped, even with the addition of pineapple.

Pescado Tacos ($13.5, 2pcs)

Though not likely to win any awards for innovation, the Pescado Tacos ($13.5, 2pcs) were a well-executed classic. The barramundi fillets were fried to crisp, golden perfection, whilst the innards remained flaky and moist. A good amount of slaw, a drizzle of spicy mayo, and that’s a solid fish taco right there.

Papa Tacos ($13, 2pcs)

If you’re a carb fiend, the Papa Tacos ($13, 2pcs) will really rock your world. The tortilla is wrapped around a large piece of floury, shallow-fried potato, and the whole thing flavoured with generous quantities of cheese, chilli mayo, and queso fresco. It’s like a South American version of the chip butty, but infinitely more flavoursome.

Asada Quesadilla ($16)

The Asada Quesadilla ($16) is frankly, built like a burrito. It’s an unholy mess of grilled steak, guacamole, beans, and cheese, barely being held together by a large corn tortilla. As unwieldy as it is, it’s also thoroughly enjoyable.

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