Delicious Delights Cafe Bar (and Thai Viet Bibigo)

Capitol Arcade
113 Swanston Street
Melbourne, 3000

I feel like I’ve stepped back in time. Back to the days (or so I’ve heard) where lunch costed no more than a handful of loose change. Most things on the fairly extensive menu at Delicious Delights Cafe Bar cost around the lower end of $5-$10, with a small handful of items, such as the steak and parma, going just a couple of dollars over.
The cafe itself isn’t much to look at, cleaner and a tad neater than that Chinese restaurant we all have where we eat at on a weekly basis, and definitely less busy. We went at that awkward time between brunch and lunch, so the place was deserted, save for 3 university girls, presumably enjoying their break like us.
After a quick look (or what’s nothing short of a detailed examination on my part) at their menu, which includes everything from pastas to sandwiches to all-day breakfast, we settled on the bacon brekky ($4.90) and a plain burger ($5.50). There was also the option of coffee, smoothies, and even wine, all of which we decided against.
Bacon Brekky ($4.90)
HELLO BACON! Our bacon brekky came with a slice of thick buttered toast with 2 gooey poached eggs on top, 2 rashers of extremely lean bacon on the side, and a couple of pieces of grilled tomato on the side. Taste wasn’t fantastic, nor was it bad – it was exactly as you would expect, but at $4.90, I know I’m not complaining!
Plain Burger ($5.50)
My first impressions of the burger wasn’t great – the bun was pretty big, so I was quite disappointed when I took off the top half of the bun and saw that the patty was significantly smaller. It looked pretty standard as well – toasted bun, patty, cheese, couple slices of tomato, handful of lettuce, and a splodge of tomato sauce on top (it was an extra dollar for bacon, or for a side of chips). But after a couple of bites, all was forgiven. Once again, it was nothing spectacular, but it tasted… homely, like something mum (though not my mum, Asians don’t do burgers) would make for a no-fuss dinner, or something you can pick up at the local milkbar. It tasted like a real burger, nothing gourmet, but the patty was moist and flavoured with diced onion, and every single bite was satisfying. 
Salmon Avocado Hand roll ($2.20)
My peanut-sized stomach seemed to have magically expanded that day, and I found myself hungry after all that food, so we skipped next door to pick up a sushi roll from Thai Viet Bibigo. I wasn’t expecting much from my salmon avocado roll ($2.20), but boy was I surprised! The salmon was in chunks, as opposed to flimsy little strips, and was unbelievably fresh. There was just the right amount of Japanese mayo, enough for extra flavour but not enough to overwhelm the salmon, and the rice was perfectly vinegared. It was possibly the best sushi I’ve had in quite a while!
So even though the food was nothing spectacular (ok the sushi was pretty great, but that aside), we agreed that will definitely be coming back. All day breakfast for under 5 dollars? Count me in!
Rating: 13/20 (15/20 for the sushi) – whoever said it was expensive to eat in the city?
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