261 Clarendon St 
South Melbourne, VIC
Life is good. Now that I’ve settled into full time, getting up at 6am doesn’t seem so hard anymore, and I’m really enjoying both my work, and all the after-work dates Chris and I get to have. And with a new workplace comes new colleagues, and with that, new restaurant recommendations – perfect. 
Funnily enough, both Chris and I heard from our respective co-workers that Ettowas the place to go for take-away pasta. That was exciting. When we arrived, it certainly looked like nonna has been busy. Whilst vats of sauce simmered away in the kitchen, the cabinets were filled with whorls and twists of hand-made pasta, ready to be dropped into a boiling pot. 
Freshly Baked Garlic Bread ($6)
It was a beautiful day, so we chose to eat al fresco, watching the people and their dogs go by on Clarendon St. I couldn’t deny Chris his deep-seated love for Freshly Baked Garlic Bread ($6), and frankly I couldn’t resist either. The loaf of sliced up ciabatta had a crunchy crust, and the centre, generously smothered in garlic butter, simply melted in the mouth. 
Gnocchi with Bolognaise ($13.5)
I dictated that Chris was to have the Gnocchi with Bolognaise($13.5), and he accepted the ruling gleefully. The sauce was rich and mellow, conveying the experience of a lush summer and bountiful autumn with each mouthful. The gnocchi was of course flawless – soft and pillowy, perfect for soaking up the light, meaty sauce. 
Amatriciana Tagliatelle ($13)
Amatriciana Tagliatelle ($13)
My Amatriciana Tagliatelle ($13) was even more exciting than the description – smoky pancetta in a chilli Napoli sauce – made it sound. Whilst it had the same summery feel as the bolognaise, it was extremely bold and flavoursome, the sauce a delicious mix of spicy and tangy, drowned in chilli olive oil. Need I mention the perfectly al dente pasta? 
Whilst Etto isn’t quite Grossi Cellar Bar, I couldn’t find anything to fault. It tasted just like dinner at home. If I hand-made my pastas. And simmered my own sauces. Sorry to go all hippy but, it tastes like love, man.
Rating: 14/20 – born in the spaghetto.
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit. 

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