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Thirty Eight Chairs

There’s not much better than a good bowl of pasta, and these days I don’t even feel all that guilty having the occasional hefty bowl of butter-drenched carb-laden goodness. After all, there’s no harm in having the occasional indulgence, especially when I’ve been having a salad with quinoa and kale in it for lunch all week. And so it was in that spirit that I checked out Thirty Eight Chairs, a little pasta bar just off the bustle of Chapel Street. Because as much as I adore Tipo00, there’s just no way for me to get a table on a weeknight, given how far I work from the city.

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Cafe Amba

Ever since I first heard of Jam Factory, I’ve always wondered: why on earth would you give a dumb-bum name like that to a shopping and entertainment complex? Turns out I’m actually the dumb-bum. The building first opened in 1858 as a brewery, but within twenty years had been bought out and converted to a literal jam factory, and it stayed that way until 1970. Thank you Wikipedia! But these days, the local precinct of Jam Factory is so much more than just clothes and movies; there are also dozens of great restaurants and cafes. And if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that after an intensive period of renovation, a former clothing store has since reopened to become the…

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Tanked by Less Than Zero

I’m a little heartbroken. About a year and a half ago, I was invited to NBHD Neanderthal for what was one of the better brunches, and the best steak sandwich I’ve had for a long time. When I checked back about a year later however, I found that the place had sadly closed. So it felt a bit odd to say the least when I rocked up to Tanked, only to find that it is sitting where NBHD Neanderthal used to be

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Life is good. Now that I’ve settled into full time, getting up at 6am doesn’t seem so hard anymore, and I’m really enjoying both my work, and all the after-work dates Chris and I get to have. And with a new workplace comes new colleagues, and with that, new restaurant recommendations – perfect. Funnily enough, both Chris and I heard from our respective co-workers that Ettowas the place to go for take-away pasta. That was exciting. When we arrived, it certainly looked like nonna has been busy. Whilst vats of sauce simmered away in the kitchen, the cabinets were filled with whorls and twists of hand-made pasta, ready to be dropped into a boiling pot.

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Oriental Teahouse (Chapel St)

How do you celebrate Chinese New Year? Asian or not, the tradition of Chinese New Year, or to be politically correct, Lunar New Year, is catching on. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, there’s always enjoyment to be gotten out of street festivals, lion dances, and Chinese food. Coming from a traditional mainland Chinese family however, Chinese New Year means one thing to me – dumplings (and red pockets full of money, but I’m a little too old for that now). Appropriately enough, this Chinese New Year coincided with an invite from Oriental Teahouse, so with my tummy still full of dumplings from New Years Eve dinner and New Years Day breakfast, I headed to Oriental Teahouse the same…

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Pacific Seafood BBQ House

I’m back! Though my posting schedule might make it seem otherwise, I’ve taken a week and a half worth of blogging hiatus for Christmas, choosing instead to rely on my backlog of past eats. But now I’m back in business, and with it still being the holiday season, there wasn’t much choice in terms of food. We ended up at Pacific Seafood BBQ House, a Cantonese stalwart that has long tempted us with its delicious smells.

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