269 Coventry St
South Melbourne, VIC 3205

I love Juniper so much. Taking advantage of the nearby South Melbourne Market, Juniper churns out wholesome sandwiches, salads, and simple hearty meals on the daily. Eating here makes me feel like I’m living off the land, and nourishing my body after a hard day of work in my own vegetable patch. But whilst the reality is much more indulgent than the little narrative I’ve created for myself, eating here is without a doubt nourishment for the soul. The high-quality produce, combined into elevated versions of basic dishes we all know and love, and served in this sun-drenched corner, is such a simple, calm moment of pleasure in a loud and often overwhelming world.

Rating: 15/20 – cottagecore vibes.
Fun fact: has anyone ever read The Juniper Tree by the Grimm Brothers? absolute opposite vibe of this place.

Juniper and Fennel Cured Trout ($28)

How gorgeous is this Juniper and Fennel Cured Trout ($28) plate? The vibrant, ruby-red slices of fish tasted as good as they looked, the delicate, buttery flavours perfect for pairing with the thick tangy labneh and range of pickles. The rustic toasted sourdough turns this into a lunch-worthy spread, and leaves room for a slab of their house-made carrot cake.

Focaccia, Prosciutto, Salmoriglio, Stracciatella ($16)

I love it when something at the next table looks so good that I drop everything else to order it, such as this Focaccia, Prosciutto, Salmoriglio, Stracciatella ($16). And it is utter perfection – pillowy, slightly chewy bread sandwiching creamy clouds of stracciatella, its fresh milky flavour enhanced by a light layering of salty prosciutto, and a zesty herb-packed sauce. It is the epitome of simple indulgences, not to mention phenomenal value, as it’s approximately the size of my face.

Matcha ($6)

Not in the mood for coffee? They gotchu here. Their Matcha ($6) is strong and clean, with enough bitterness to give you that morning kick.

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