Phat Brats

320 Brunswick Street 
Fitzroy, VIC 
Phat Brats serves exactly what it sounds like – spoilt little kids crammed with junk food who deserve a good slap on the bum.
Just kidding. Phat Brats is actually another gourmet hot dog pit stop that’s sprung up on the perennially hip Brunswick Street. Situated in a high-ceilinged room with exposed brick, it has a rustic yet cosy cottage feel to it, complete with the homely smell of cooking sausages. The menu is rather simple, made up mainly of gourmet dogs, with a smattering of salads and wraps recently joining in on the fun. 
Ey Hombre ($9.9)
I love anything Mexican, so I couldn’t pass up the Ey Hombre ($9.9). The chorizo inside my soft wholemeal bun was great – punchy in flavour, with a pleasantly snappy skin when bitten into. The toppings, however, were a little lack-lustre. The salsa was flavourless, the smoky beans tastes like canned baked beans, and there is possibly nothing more disappointing than being promised jalapenos, and only receiving two measly slices. 
The Larrikin ($9.5)/Seasoned Fries (small, $3)
The Larrikin ($9.5) was a bit of an odd experience – it reminded me forcibly of a McDonald’s cheeseburger, though I say that in the best way possible. It had a beefy wagyu sausage, along with cheese, caramelised onions, and generous squirts of tomato sauce and mustard, all sandwiched in a squishy white bun. All it needed were pickles.
We also got a serve of their Seasoned Fries (small, $3), which were rather marvellous. The chips were flatter than normal, with a light, crisp beer batter, and a center fluffier than any chip I have ever had, almost as if it’s been whipped like cream. Seasoned with spices and a hint of smoky chilli, these were some of the best chips I’ve had the pleasure of eating.
I’m really in two minds about Phat Brats; we found the experience to only be slightly above par, yet we enjoyed it nevertheless. There were some great elements to the meal, and the fries were indeed life-changing as advertised. The sausages were good, especially the chorizo, and I enjoyed the cheeseburger hot dog way more than it was probably decent to. Phat Brats doesn’t push the envelope per se, and the dogs are on the smaller end, but it provides a comfortable, vaguely gourmet experience for those times where you want something more than a frankfurter in a bun.
Rating: 12.5/20 – slightly chubby brats
This rating reflects my personal experience at the time of visit. 

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