Red Spice Road

27 McKillop St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Fine Dining and Good Value are as far from each other on the ‘occurrings of the universe’ spectrum as you can get, really. At least it was until Red Spice Road came along. Biting its thumb at the notion of a $3.5 potato chip, it offers a three-course (out of a possible five) banquet lunch with mounds of jasmine rice and a delightful little appetiser for a mere $25 per head. We would’ve happily gone for all five dishes for an extra $5 each, but that level of gluttony is restricted to parties of 6 or more.
A moderately-sized room with two long banquet tables gives way to a huge, cavernous space at the back, housing two crescent shaped communal dining tables that are watched over by three lovely paintings of three lovely ladies. The bar that sits to the side sees plenty of action, even during lunchtime. Some people might find the dining hall-like space a bit impersonal, and at worst like a feeding barn, but I actually really liked the relaxed and open atmosphere it provided. Plus, novelty.
What’s most astounding about the banquet is how much value it offers, especially when you look at the a la carte menu. Entrees are around $15, whilst mains hover in the mid-high $30s. The waitresses were pretty keen on pushing for drink orders, which is understandable – they have to make their money somehow.
Betel Leaf with Chicken, Chilli, Lemongrass and Coriander
To start off, we were served a small appetiser of Betel Leaf with Chicken, Chilli, Lemongrass and Coriander. A small pinch of smoky chicken wrapped in a velvety betel leaf packed a big punch of flavour. It was sour and spicy and full of herbs, perfect for tingling the tastebuds and whetting the appetite.
Pork Belly with Chilli Caramel, Black Vinegar, and Apple, Cabbage, Mint Salad
The Pork Belly with Chilli Caramel, Black Vinegar, and Apple, Cabbage, Mint Salad is the only dish that never changes on the banquet menu. Most likely due to the threat of unavoidable mutiny by their patrons, as it is the most popular dish at Red Spice Road by far. And it’s not hard to see why. Hidden beneath the greenery were four hefty cubes of pork belly, twice cooked and deep fried to yield a crispy exterior that gave way to insides so soft and caramelised that the fat practically melted in our mouths. And it only gets better, soaking up the flavours of the sticky chilli caramel, and drizzled with a small pot of black vinegar. The salad is equally as stunning, though for entirely different reasons. The sweet-sour crunch of the apple and cabbage slivers, liberally doused in fish sauce and garnished with mint, was the perfect ying to the pork belly’s yang. 
Lamb Rendang – Malaysian Lamb, Potato and Coconut Curry
Considering how great the pork belly was, it’s a surprise to find that the Lamb Rendang – Malaysian Lamb, Potato and Coconut Curry was bland and uninspired. One blogger accurately (though slightly harshly) described it as ‘insipid drivel’. To be honest, the flavours weren’t actually half bad, but they were so muted they may as well have not been there at all; even a salt shaker could have done it worlds of good. It’s a disappointment really, especially considering that it looked so rich and delicious when it was put onto our table.
Barramundi, Watermelon, Cucumber, Chilli and Coriander Salad
The Barramundi, Watermelon, Cucumber, Chilli and Coriander Saladsat somewhere between the pork and the lamb. It was a deliciously refreshing salad with some great flavours, but it didn’t wow like the pork belly did. We enjoyed the crispy nuggets of barramundi, tossed in with a savoury fish sauce that contrasted nicely with the sweetness of the watermelon. The overall crunchiness of the salad was a definite win.
And rice enough for three. There was a lot of food, easily enough to feed an extra person. When we finally rolled out of the door, half of the rice, and most of the lamb rendang was still left on the table. There was no way we would have been able to fit in dessert, even if it was only an extra $5 each. 
Rating: 14.5/20 – fine dining value meal

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  • Reply Winston 15/06/2012 at 12:55 pm

    Great photos! I’d be keen to try out the lunch specials too. And agree, sounds like a good value to me!

    • Reply ming 15/06/2012 at 1:04 pm

      Just avoid the rendang at all costs – it may be pretty but don’t be fooled! And good value it definitely is, considering the normal a la carte price and the huge portions.

  • Reply anastasiastarz 15/06/2012 at 3:23 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Reply sophler 15/06/2012 at 3:27 pm

    Looks fantastic, and such a fancy place for a Thai restaurant! Great photos, once again Ming!

    • Reply ming 16/06/2012 at 1:31 pm

      Thanks muchlies, it really was a nice meal in a nice place, I don’t understand the people who say they don’t like it!

  • Reply Akika (Ichigo Shortcake) 17/06/2012 at 11:36 am

    Great review and love your photos! I never knew eating there was so cheap? I would have gone there a lot earlier had I known! Now I’m going to make it happen. :D

    • Reply ming 17/06/2012 at 12:15 pm

      Thanks so much! I thought I was having a fit of hopeful delusion when I first saw the prices, so it’s not just you :p

  • Reply Anonymous 22/01/2013 at 2:12 am

    Oh. My. God. This is honestly the BEST place I have ever been. By far my favourite restaurant and perfect for a nice lunch The pork belly is the best thing since sliced bread. The cook book is fantastic too, i have even made it myself! Great review, very true to my experiences (all 1000 of them :-) )

    • Reply ming 25/01/2013 at 10:44 am

      Thanks for dropping by Nonny! The food here is definitely rather nice, and making their food yourself? Impressive! I’m really keen to go back to try some of their other stuff, I’ve heard nothing but good!

  • Reply Banquet halls in Indore 11/01/2014 at 6:55 am

    You are a blogger and now my inspiration. I just love the blog post. Its very informative, interactive and quality content. I wish you all good luck for your coming blogs and posts. Keep sharing!

    • Reply ming 11/01/2014 at 10:51 am

      Hello, thanks for dropping by! I’m so glad you enjoy my blog, it’s honestly great to hear :)

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