Secret Recipe

Store L03 308, 211 LaTrobe Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Somewhere, in a land far, far away, a land called Melbourne Central, there’s a little sort-of-hidden-away cafe serving an assortment of Asian and Western dishes. But more importantly, they also have a mysterious glass cabinet that may or may not be like all other cabinets, but full of cakes. Long story short, Ethan wanted cake, so we went to Secret Recipe on the third floor of Melbourne Central to get some.
For a shopping center cafe, they actually have quite an edgy seating area, full of leather booths and attractive decor.
And an amazing selection of cakes!
Tiramisu ($5.9)
I totally wasn’t going to have any of the Tiramisu ($5.9), but then Ethan coerced me into trying a bite, and then lured me into conversation so I kept eating out of habit! The layers of sponge were a bit dense, but the mousse sandwiched in the middle had a robust bitterness from the coffee. The cream was light yet indulgent, and it was topped with the most sinful layer of chocolate ganache. Sure it wasn’t proper tiramisu, but what did you expect? 
Rating: 13/20 – yummy affordable cake

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