Thai Town

Shop 25, Artemis Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Melbourne’s had an explosion of new Thai eateries recently, and Thai Town happens to be one of the more egalitarian options among them. Designed to look like a traditional Thai street market and seating over 200, this is an easy place for groups of all shapes and sizes to grab a quick bite whilst in the CBD. The food falls short of true authenticity, but the sheer range of dishes warrant a mention, as well as their cute little takeaway dessert counter at the front. If you’re just after something quick and easy, Thai Town is a good choice. Just beware – the lines can extend out during busy periods, though if you come in a pair, you’re likely to get a seat within minutes.

Rating: 12/20 – the easy choice.
Go for: the sheer variety of items.

Spicy Crispy Rice and Fermented Pork Salad ($17.9)

The Spicy Crispy Rice and Fermented Pork Salad ($17.9) is a must-try if you love the strong, spicy flavours of Thai salads. The rugged crunch of deep-fried rice, combined with the fatty, slightly sour sausage and generous amounts of chilli, is a total flavour bomb.

Salted Egg Calamari ($19.9)

The Salted Egg Calamari ($19.9), though, was pretty ordinary. It’s basically just bits of squid in a generic, slightly spicy Asian sauce. Not a bad idea to get a bowl of Jasmine Rice ($3.5) to go with this one.

Thai Boat Noodle with Pork ($16.9)

Thai Boat Noodle with Pork ($16.9)

Similarly eh was the Thai Boat Noodle with Pork ($16.9). I don’t know if this has the customary addition of pork blood that gives the dish its signature richness, but if there is any, it’s not enough. The broth was also a bit too sweet for my liking, though the variety of toppings gets a tick.

Thai Milk Tea ($5.9)

Good thing the Thai Milk Tea ($5.9), with its almost-excessive sweetness, and an underscore of rich black tea.

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