Bottega Bandito

1/96 Prospect Rd
Prospect, SA 5082

I am highly upset that Bottega Bandito belongs in (ra)Adelaide, because this place could make out like a bandit in Melbourne. We’re talking an all-day Italian deli, where you can get your oysters and steak on at 8am, washed down with a glass of bubbly and an almond croissant. Sure, I’m probably never going to do it, but just having the option of abject hedonism available first thing in the morning makes the experience feel that much more indulgent. Not to say the ‘usual’ day-time options here are no good; it’s probably the best brunch I’ve had in a long while – the quality ingredients see to that. The fresh deli-styled sandwiches are the drawcard, but I’m willing to bet that the rest of the menu slaps too.

Rating: 15/20 – pls come to melbs. we’re rad too.
Must-order: do the steak and bubbly, let me live through you.

Sopressa Sandwich ($19)

If you’re not worried about your processed meat intake (though you should be), the Sopressa Sandwich ($19) is heavenly. Thin slices of spicy salami are stacked in a pillowy foccacia, the fat melting into the creamy slabs of burrata that mellow out, but don’t take away the rich funk of the fermented chilli mayo. A couple of sprigs of basil and some tomato add a touch and freshness to the salt and fat – all that’s required to round out this simple but perfect sandwich.

Sourdough French Toast ($18)

Opting for Sourdough French Toast ($18) over a second sandwich was a gamble, but it paid off in spades. Coated in cinnamon sugar, the eggy bread was buttery and sweet, and boasted a much more complex flavour profile, and crustier edges, than your usual white bread version. Simply served with summer berries, house-made soft serve, and salted caramel, you can almost convince yourself that this is a wholesome treat.

Skim Flat White ($4.5)

The Skim Flat White ($4.5) is the only thing that didn’t excel; strong but middling in flavour, this is honestly what I usually tend to expect from an Italian place.

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