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Hector’s Deli

Call me a sucker for a good sandwich. I love the way that it can be beautifully simple, or startlingly complex, yet absolutely delicious either way as long as you know what you’re doing. And today, I’m going to tell you about one of the best places in Melbourne to get that pesky sandwich craving sorted. With alumni from Attica and Stokehouse, Hector’s Deli is possibly the most over-qualified sandwich shop in all of Melbourne. Yet despite the heavy-hitting names, Hector’s is remarkably humble. Located in a whitewashed building in a quiet Richmond backstreet, the fit-out consists largely of shiny white tiles and friendly blokes, and seats a grand total of 8, with a few more milk crates loitering around…

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Betty’s Burgers and Concrete Co.

I’ve been a Melbournian for over half my life, but before moving to Victoria, I actually lived for almost 5 years in Toowoomba – an idyllic country town nestled in the Darling Downs, just over 100km inland from Brisbane. To be fair though, Toowoomba actually is a decently sized place by Australian standards; with a population of over 100 thousand, it is actually the 16th largest city in Australia. Still, my memories of it are quaint and peaceful, barring that magpie that swooped in the same area near my house every spring without fail.

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Danny’s Burgers

These days, you can hardly turn a corner without seeing some new burger joint pop up. The gourmet burger bandwagon just keeps rolling on, and although you’ll never hear me complaining about a new excuse to eat burgers, sometimes it feels as if we can’t possibly keep this up without every store becoming a burger joint eventually. However, amongst all these new-fangled food trends stand a few stalwart establishments who haven’t changed their ways in their 50+ years of service. One is Andrew’s, and another, Danny’s Burgers, has been sitting patiently awaiting review for quite some time.

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Belle’s Hot Chicken

After a week of having home-made rice paper rolls for lunch at work, I felt that I’ve earned a meal at Belle’s Hot Chicken. And call it providence but, this also turned out to be an early celebratory dinner, as less than 12 hours later, I finally got my big break as a pharmacist! Hooray to working in prestigious hospitals! The vibe here is diner-classy (yes that’s a thing now) and so is the food. Once night dropped, the bar and booths took on the glow of perpetual twilight, evoking with it a mood of quiet companionship and the promise of a night still young.

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Rockwell and Sons

Sometimes it takes me way too long to visit a restaurant on my ‘must eat’ list, even if it’s a place that I’m super keen about. And most of the time it’s my own fault – I decide what I want to eat 4 days in advance, so big surprise when that day comes around and I don’t feel like whatever it was I had decided on anymore. Even though I would probably feel like it once I have the menu in front of me. This has been a constant source of frustration for Chris, poor bloke.

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TGI Fridays

I’m not one for big nights out. The last time I attempted to have a night on the town ended up with my buttocks freezing off in a skimpy dress, feeling revolting the next morning despite not having eaten or drank very much, and 80 dollars gone goodness knows where. But when TGI Fridays sent me an email wanting to inject some Friday into my Monday, I was happy to accept.

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