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New Star Kebab

Like any true blue Aussie, I love a cheeky kebab any time of day. But now that I’m coming up to 30 (eep!) and can no longer eat whatever I want whenever I want without consequences, when I do eat a kebab, it had better be worth my while. And although the Strathfield area is a bit dire on the kebab front, I’m only a short train ride away from Auburn, where Middle-Eastern food abounds. New Star Kebab looks dodgy, no two ways about it. The neon sign reminds me of those pizza-pasta-kebab joints that line the streets of the CBD, and have only managed to stay around due to their convenience factor, rather than any merit of their food.…

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Antalya Turkish Restaurant

What’s better than a Turkish platter? If your answer was ‘nothing’, then you’d be absolutely correct! I don’t think there’s been a single time in my life where I have said no to a meal of salads, dips, and meat off the spit, and I hope I never will. And the best bit? With Coburg being such a hub for middle-eastern food, I can always head to Chris’ house after eating too much bread for a postprandial nap. In this ‘hood, Melbourne Kebab Station is undoubtedly the OG and godfather rolled into one, but Antalya Turkish Restaurant is at the very least an underboss – and a well-respected one at that. The decor may be a little tired, but it…

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Flemington Kebab House

Thank goodness Google Maps brought back the tram stop information in its mobile app. For a while there it felt like I was living in the dark ages, as I had to either work out how to get to point B before leaving point A, or try and wrangle with the so-called mobile version of Journey Planner. If it weren’t for the tram information on Google Maps, I would’ve never made this last-minute decision of a trip to Flemington Kebab House. There were no surprises at Flemington Kebab House; it’s the same sort of functional, fluorescent-lit space you see at any kebab house worth its salt, delicious smoky aromas swirling in the warm air, and a constant thoroughfare of take-away…

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Ed’s Food Hut

Food Court Blogging. As much as the food snob in me tries to deny it, there are actually some hidden gems scattered amongst the mediocrity of food courts. Previously when I have craved vegetarian food, I’ve always made a beeline for Gopals or Crossways. So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard that Ed’s Food Hut does a fantastic vegetarian platter – the food snob in me can live with the food court location!

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