Dom’s Social Club

1/301 Swanston St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Gonna be honest; if Dom’s Social Club was opened by anyone else other than the brains behind Dexter and Takeaway Pizza, I would be pretty annoyed. After all, they occupy the space that was previously home to Cheek – one of my all-time favourite eats, as well as the place my husband cleverly took me the night he proposed. But ok, fine, Dom’s is actually a great time. It’s basically a top-notch pizzeria with wine bar vibes, not to mention plenty of that chill, fun-loving Melbourne hospitality. I’m still lowkey mad about the closing of Cheek, but when the replacement is this good, it makes moving on a little easier.

Rating: 15/20 – turn the other cheek.
To order: the special. they do some amazing, wacked-out things.

Mortadella and Honey ($30)

If you want conventional pizzas, this is not the place to be. In fact, the Mortadella and Honey ($30) is one of the less adventurous options. But that doesn’t mean it is not so very, very tasty. We’re talking silky folds of mortadella, lightly drizzled with honey to bring out the savoury, spiced flavours in the meat, all piled onto the lightest and crispiest of bases. Don’t be surprised if this thing gets inhaled before you even realise.

Monthly Special ($30)

If you’re really after a bit of excitement however, go for the Monthly Special ($30), which in this case is a truly unusual combination of potatoes and pickled anchovies, flavoured with dill, pecorino, and caramelised onion. The sharper flavours are mellowed out with fluffy chunks of potato, whilst the sprinkling of herbs and a drizzle of balsamic keeps things light and moreish. All the staff were raving about this one, and why shouldn’t they – its only one of the most unique and delicious pizzas around.

Pistachio Sundae ($15)

There’s only one dessert option – the Pistachio Sundae ($15) – so it’s lucky that it’s a cracker. There is, of course, pistachio ice cream, smoother and nuttier than anything I’ve ever had. And below it, a scoop of tortilla ice cream of all things. The resemblance is uncanny; not only is there the faint aroma of ground masa, you even get the slightly gritty texture that comes with it. It’s a great juxtaposition to the richer, creamier pistachio.

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