Elephant Corridor

179 Coleman Pde
Glen Waverley, VIC 3150
What do you do if you get stuck between a realtor and Cartridge World? You open up an Indian-Sri Lankan restaurant called Elephant Corridor.
Being off the main stretch that is Kingsway, Elephant Corridor is rather quite, especially in a suburb where people come to have Chinese and Malaysian food only. But on the upside it’s quiet, the service is good, and it actually feels like a restaurant instead of a feeding barn. And in regards to the decor, I do like the intermingling of the classic and the new.
We had a very nice complimentary starter of Pappadums. They were crispy and puffy, and whilst the sweet and sour and fruity tamarind sauce was something new, the real winner was the fresh and creamy, yet spicy mint chutney.
Tandoori Chicken Kebab ($14.9)
Tandoori Chicken Kebab ($14.9)
We ordered off the lunch specials, and Chris got the Tandoori Chicken Kebab ($14.9). And out came what was literally the Indian take on the kebab – buttery naan wrapping tender pieces of tandoori chicken and all your usual kebab suspects. But what really got me was the Bombay-styled potatoes served on the side; they tasted like balls of cloud drowned in sticky, spicy sauce.
Vegetarian Rice and Curry ($13.9)
Vegetarian Rice and Curry ($13.9)
I like a bit of variety to my life, so I ordered the Vegetarian Rice and Curry ($13.9), which came with three generous serves of curry, steamed rice, and a pappadum. I think the overall theme of the day was creamy because all three curries were mild and comforting despite having asked for them to be medium-hot. I really liked the dahl makhani, made with chewy kidney beans. The kavaratna khorma was strangely reminiscent of Dutch curry cup-a-soup, and the pieces of cottage cheese in the green spinach sauce was yummy, but too salty and rich once you’ve gotten through the other two curries.
I didn’t expect to find any decent Indian near my end of town but I’m glad to be proven wrong. Elephant corridor is a bit on the expensive side and not so good if you like your mealtimes bustling, but they do have unlimited hoppers night and breakfast buffets on certain days of the week. And judging by the lunch specials, their a la carte menu would be a fun thing to visit.
Rating: 13/20 – walkway for giant mammals.

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  • Reply Catherine 12/03/2013 at 11:31 am

    I’ve actually had a really bad experience here :( My family came for my dad’s birthday dinner and paid for it but afterwards my brother realised his credit card had been overcharged. When we rang to enquire, we were told that they found two empty beer bottles so they assumed we had ‘snuck’ them in and drank them under the table so they had charged us extra for it. The owner was really rude and told us to forget about it so it was a really horrible experience.. I really can’t see past the service after that!

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