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Faheem Fast Food

I love it when my sister comes up from Melbourne to visit. Not only is she great fun, she also provides the perfect excuse for me to try out places that I normally wouldn’t visit, usually due to health and/or price reasons. And today, the plan is to have a huge Indian/Pakistani feast at Faheem’s Fast Food. Calling Faheem’s a restaurant would be a stretch; it’s barely even a canteen, with its rows of Formica tables squashed into a tiled room with zero décor. Service is strictly limited to three points – when they take your order, when they bring out your food, and when you head up to the ancient register to pay. But ambience and hospitality is not…

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Holiday Eats – New Zealand

After a hectic year of med school and the fervour that was final exams (which I passed by the way, so call me a second-year!), I was itching to get out onto my road trip holiday through New Zealand. And despite being told unanimously by everyone who has ever visited, I was still unprepared for just how stunningly beautiful of a country it was. We spent 13 days driving through the South Island – starting in Christchurch, across to the West Coast, then down to Queenstown and Fjordland, then finally back up to Christchurch via Mt Cook. And although I could talk for ever and ever about the scenery, my love for Lupin flowers, and just how unbelievably blue all…

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Chilli India

Earlier this week, I walked into our tea room for morning tea, only to be assaulted with the aroma of someone heating up garlic naan in the sandwich press. The force of the food craving that hit me was unbelievable; I assume it’s roughly equal to the level of desire some women feel when they think about bearing children. I may usually be notoriously indecisive when it comes to where to eat, but not this time – I am hitting up Chilli India tonight.

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Punjabi Curry Cafe

Despite being a fan of Indian food (who isn’t?), I don’t actually eat Indian very often at all. I’m not quite sure why, but I have a hunch it has something to do with the fact of how I just can’t justify to myself a meal full of deep frying and ghee (clarified butter) very often. But when the decision is made for me... I guess I have no choice! So it was with great glee that found myself having dinner at Punjabi Curry Cafe. If you want to make a good first impression, forget spending money decking out your place – just do what Punjabi Curry Cafe does and make sure your entire restaurant wafts with the intoxicating smell…

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Jai Ho Richmond

My parents aren’t the most adventurous eaters on Earth. Whilst they’ll eat most Chinese foods and a good portion of other Asian cuisines, anything more exotic is often greeted with suspicion and disdain. After all, with Chinese being such a diverse and interesting cuisine, and having eaten it all their lives, it’s probably fairly easy to feel like you neither need nor want anything else. Whilst they make an effort to avoid most ‘foreign’ cuisines, the one they wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot dosa is Indian. Something about that distinctive spice combination just makes them go crazy, and I definitely don’t mean in the good way. What that means is that I usually jump at the chance to have…

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I have to admit, growing up is a bit of a funny thing. Not that I’m spending 20 minutes doing self-reflection every day, but it is a little amusing to realise that when I’m chatting to co-workers about career paths, investment plans, and SBS documentaries, I am not actually feigning interest. Another thing I’ve noticed is that although I’ve gotten (even) better at portion control, and I’m finally friends with the gym, I have become increasingly reluctant to eat junk food. Now this makes planning a meal out a slightly sticky affair; when you veto meals that are too greasy, too salty, too unhealthy, or don’t have enough vegetables, you’re left with pretty much with only Japanese and Vietnamese food,…

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