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Hawthorn East, VIC 3123
Full time work is bad for me. After days of working more than I’ve gotten to sleep (it was that unpaid placement time of year again), the last thing I can be bothered with is budgeting and eating healthy. If any of you have tried working full time for 23 days in a row, you’ll know that all you want at the end of the day is an indulgent meal, and maybe something alcoholic to drink. 
I was too short to see over the banister, shuddup.
Firechief, a new-ish pizzeria in Hawthorn, has commanded my attention for a while now. Most of their appeal lies in the fact that they serve pizzas on three different bases:
Authentic and Original Pizza From Naples – these pizzas are made to the exact recipe stipulated by the ‘associazone verace pizza napoletana’ in Naples, Italy. Cooked in our Valorani wood-fired oven for 2 minutes at 400 degrees
The Modern Artisan ‘Hand Style’ Pizzas – these pizzas are cooked in a Moretti oven – a classic Italian twin deck, worked by hand and shovel, cooked on the stone floor at 360 degrees in around 4 minutes, they represent the most popular pizza in Italy.
The Great Australian Family Pizza – these pizzas are cooked on pizza trays in a special conveyor oven from Italy – we use the very best local ingredients. The average cook time is 6 minutes at 340 degrees.
There’s plenty to like about Firechief. I was fond of the brightly coloured knives, but I was even fonder of the hefty wooden tables and tall ceilings. With tapestries hung on the walls and a medieval-styled chandelier, I felt as if we were eating in the dining halls of a great lord. It’s also a very family friendly space, but don’t get me wrong – it’s no La Porcetta. 
Margherita D.O.P ($22.5)
Margherita D.O.P ($22.5)
The Margherita D.O.P ($22.5), made on the traditional Naples base, was a delight. The crushed tomato was unbelievably flavoursome, and the sparse handful of wilted basil leaves added a pungent fragrance to the creamy cheese and summery tomatoes. The base was impressively thin and crispy, but I do prefer my crust puffier and more burnished by the oven.
Capricciosa Classica ($22.9)
Capricciosa Classica ($22.9)
Chris on the other hand had the Capricciosa Classica ($22.9) on the modern artisan base. This was a much more gourmet take on your usual cappriciosa, bursting with flavour from the incredibly meaty and woody mushrooms, augmented with tender artichoke and the occasional black olive. And as to be expected from a thin-based pizza with a generous amount of topping and someone spending way too long taking photos of it, it did get a bit soggy in the middle, but all in all it was delicious.
Firechief is a very enjoyable place for a night out, with good nosh and a fun atmosphere. However I feel that, as casual as it is, Firechief is more of a special occasion place. Their pizzas, whilst great, are pricier than any other I’ve come across. And if a small girl and a skinny guy can polish off 2 pizzas with ease on a hungrier day, imagine how much 4 ravenous blokes would end up paying.
Rating: 14/20 – pizzachief. 

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