Kim Sing

Shop 10 Port Phillip Arcade
Melbourne, 3000

An arcade down an alley down a lane – how much more Melbourne can you get? Walk down Flinders Lane, turn into Scott Alley, walk past Roule Galette, and into Port Phillip Arcade. Odds are, 4 out of the 5 people in there are looking to eat at Kim Sing, a Chinese restaurant that takes up 2 shops, and practically sprawls across the arcade.
They have a picture menu pasted on a wall. Everything is 6 dollars or under (except for a couple of dishes with prawns in it, which are 8 dollars), with an extra 60c for fried rice instead of steamed. Decide what you want, go up to the counter to order, then take your number and find yourself a table. There is literally no decor, the floors are dubiously dirty, the water is self-serve, and you will almost definitely be sharing a table. But how is the food?
Sweet and Sour Pork On Rice ($6.00)
Unsurprisingly, the Sweet and Sour Pork on Rice ($6.0) arrives in a matter of minutes. Generous pile of rice? Check. Crunchy batter? Check. But unfortunately there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, as there is quite a lot of batter, but not quite enough meat, and the sauce is a little one-dimensional (mostly sour). The vegetables were nicely crisp though.
Short Soup ($2.50)
And here is my bowl of Short Soup ($2.50). For the price, I definitely can’t complain. The meat in the 6 or so wontons is surprisingly dense and meaty, even if it does taste like it came out of a packet (do correct me if I’m wrong), but the soup was the surprise hit here – a clear vegetable broth that was light but flavourful.
Was I wowed by the food? No, not quite. But will I return? Most definitely, even if it’s just to try their signature dish of chicken steak on rice.
Rating: 11/20 – Bargains Always Taste Better

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