Nam Loong Chinese Restaurant

223 Russell St
Melbourne, 3000

Not to be confused with Nam Loong Seafood Restaurant, this little hole in the wall on Russel Street serves up some of the best pork buns I’ve had on this side of the world. Sitting in a cabinet at the entrance, you can choose to have them hot out of the steamer, or cold to take home and hoard. 
Pork Bun ($1.80)
And if pork doesn’t float your boat, try chicken.
Chicken Bun ($1.80)
And if chicken (full of delicious mince and mushrooms and corn kernels) still doesn’t float your really strange boat, there’s an assortment of other buns you can choose from, including chinese sausage, red bean, and black sesame paste. Now get yourself down there and stock up, they’re open until 2am!
Rating: 14/20 – Best Pork Buns
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